Paradigm changes in medical science
Improvement of European translational cancer research. Collaboration between comprehensive cancer centers
Training and mobility: a priority for the Organisation of the European Cancer Institutes. How a national mobility initiative could enhance EU cooperation in cancer research contributing to the development of an European Research Area: the example of the Italian Comprehensive Cancer Centers’ Network “Alleanza Contro il Cancro”
CoCanCPG. Coordination of cancer clinical practice in Europe
OECI TuBaFrost tumor biobanking
Towards quality, comprehensiveness and excellence. The accreditation project of the Organisation of European Cancer Institutes (OECI)
Translational and functional oncogenomics. From cancer-oriented genomic screenings to new diagnostic tools and improved cancer treatment
The Italian Network for Tumor Biotherapy (NIBIT). Sharing visions, goals and efforts at European level
Biotherapy of cancer: break the barriers to foster translation of knowledge
Nanotechnology: going small for a giant leap in cancer diagnostics and therapeutics
Optical biopsy of cancer: nanotechnological aspects
Nanotechnology applications in medicine
Point-of-care systems for rapid DNA quantification in oncology
MR and iron magnetic nanoparticles. Imaging opportunities in preclinical and translational research
Towards safe nanoparticle technologies for nucleic acid therapeutics
Drug delivery systems: application of liposomal anti-tumor agents to neuroectodermal cancer treatment
Delivery of small interfering RNA. A review and an example of application to a junction oncogene
Nanoparticles for imaging and tumor gene delivery
Use of nanoparticles for cerebral cancer
Therapeutic reactive oxygen generation
Early phase Technology Assessment of nanotechnology in oncology