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Landmark “Australian” “Chelonian” Researcher Dies at Eighty
Sixth World Congress of Herpetology WCH6: Manaus, Brazil, 17-22 August 2008
Biology and Conservation of Australasian Freshwater Turtles February 13-16, 2009, in Brisbane
Rafetus swinhoei, Lonesome George, and The Loneliest Animals
Northern Range Extension of Melanochelys trijuga indopeninsularis in Central Nepal
The Mary River Turtle, Just a Dam(n) Shame
A Transmitter Attachment Method for Terrestrial Turtles, Designed to Protect the Radio Module from Mammalian Chewing
A Conservation Strategy for Western Pond Turtles in California
John L. Behler Chelonian Center 2009 Update
Leopard (Tortoise) Hunting in Southern Africa: Developing Herp-Based Ecotourism on Private Lands
Florida Turtles Need a Reprieve
Maryland Snapping Turtle Working Group Meetings
Florida Commission Meeting to Discuss New Turtle Rule Florida Commission To Meet on the Future of Turtles and Tortoises
Tiaro Landcare Group
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