A Method for Gray-Scale Imaging of Blood Flow Using High-Frequency Ultrasound

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This paper presents a new method that complements current techniques available in the high-frequency blood imaging field. A comprehensive scattering model was established to determine the feasibility and frequency range of the blood flow imaging of superficial organs and tissues using high-frequency ultrasound. The transmitting and receiving modes and an algorithm were designed to obtain blood flow information based on differentiation between tissues and blood flow. The system was created and tested first with a model that simulates blood flow and was then used on human tissue. A fine-scale image of a blood vessel could be obtained with this system. Moreover, this method can obtain weak blood flow signal using single pulse rather than the traditional pulse-code method and maintains a high resolution that can be matched to high-frequency structural imaging. This study provides a reliable method for further applications related to diagnoses of superficial organs.

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