Application of SH surface acoustic waves for measuring the viscosity of liquids in function of pressure and temperature

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★ SH surface acoustic waves method for measuring liquid viscosity at high pressure. ★ We measure viscosity in the pressure range up to 650 MPa at various temperatures. ★ We examine kinetics of phase transitions. ★ Viscosity and phase transition kinetics depend on temperature and pressure.

Viscosity measurements were carried out on triolein at pressures from atmospheric up to 650 MPa and in the temperature range from 10 °C to 40 °C using ultrasonic measuring setup. Bleustein–Gulyaev SH surface acoustic waves waveguides were used as viscosity sensors. Additionally, pressure changes occurring during phase transition have been measured over the same temperature range. Application of ultrasonic SH surface acoustic waves in the liquid viscosity measurements at high pressure has many advantages. It enables viscosity measurement during phase transitions and in the high-pressure range where the classical viscosity measurement methods cannot operate. Measurements of phase transition kinetics and viscosity of liquids at high pressures and various temperatures (isotherms) is a novelty. The knowledge of changes in viscosity in function of pressure and temperature can help to obtain a deeper insight into thermodynamic properties of liquids.

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