Slip elastography: A novel method for visualising and characterizing adherence between two surfaces in contact

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Highlights★ Slip elastography. ★ Has the potential to measure adherence between two surfaces. ★ It is based on ultrasound elastography. ★ Quantitative measures of force required to induce slip between two surfaces is provided.Identification of the anatomical location and mechanical properties such as adherence at the tissue tumour interface may be of clinical benefit in determination of tumour resectability and prognosis. There are currently no imaging modalities in routine clinical practice that can provide this information. This paper presents the development of a new imaging technique based on ultrasound elastography, called slip elastography, for determination of the anatomical location and measurement of the adherence between two surfaces. The theoretical basis of slip and its definition in relation to shear are described. In vitro testing with gelatine phantoms to determine the optimal parameters for shear strain estimation and slip boundary measurement and to test reliability are also described.The results suggest that slip elastography can reliably identify the anatomical location of a slip boundary and can measure the externally applied axial force required to initiate slip at that boundary in vitro. The vector based shear strain estimator was the most robust and worked with minimal angular dependence with minimal non-slip shearing artefact.

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