Transmission and reflection of the fundamental Lamb modes in a metallic plate with a semi-infinite horizontal crack

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Numerical simulations were carried out to quantify the reflection and transmission characteristics of the fundamental Lamb modes propagating in aluminium sub-plates, which are formed due to a semi-infinite horizontal crack. It was observed that, a Lamb mode propagating in a sub-plate when incident at the edge of a crack, undergoes reflection and transmits through the main plate, as well as the other sub-plate. The mode transmitted through the sub-plate has been termed the ‘Turning Lamb Mode’ (TLM). Furthermore, a mode converted mode also propagates along with the TLM. This mode has been termed the ‘Mode Converted Turning Lamb Mode’ (MCTLM). Reflection and transmission characteristics of the fundamental Lamb modes in aluminium sub-plates were studied at frequencies 150 kHz, 175 kHz, and 200 kHz. Experiments conducted to validate the observations made in numerical simulations, confirmed that the transmission and reflection characteristics depend on the thickness ratio. From this study it is surmised that when a Lamb mode propagates through a plate containing horizontal crack, the TLM and the MCTLM start propagating from one sub-plate to the other at the rear edge of the crack and amplitude of these modes depends on the location of the crack across the plate thickness.

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