Numerical and experimental investigation of upsetting with ultrasonic vibration of pure copper cone tip

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This paper is the first time to create a new model for the cone tip upsetting with the ultrasonic vibration, namely, during the tip upsetting process, the ultrasonic wave transmits in the specimen at the same time. Firstly, the experiments of the tip upsetting with ultrasonic vibration were conducted and the deformed samples were obtained. However, a detailed analysis and understanding of the forming mechanism is not possible on the basis of the conventional experimental observations because the ultrasonic vibration processing phenomenon occurs at high speed. Therefore, the finite element method was applied to understand the processing mechanism. Abaqus/Explicit was used for the finite element analysis in this study. Based on a valid model, the forming process, stress and strain distributions, and effect of the ultrasonic vibration strength on forming process were revealed for the tip upsetting with ultrasonic vibration.

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