Generation of transversal envelope soliton in polymeric and wooden rods

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This paper is concerned with the probing of the transversal envelope solitons propagation in circular waveguides when a set of requirements (non-linearity and dispersion) are fulfilled in the waveguide and balanced. The basic idea is to analyze the shape of an acoustic pulse after it has traveled one or few trips through samples constituted of a rod and two ended beads. The dispersive behavior is associated to the bounded medium (rod) and the contacts between the elements of the specimens are assumed being described by non-linear Hertz' law type. The experimental data are obviously material dependent and have pointed out the existence of common properties on the formation and propagation properties of the envelope solitons whatever is the material (polymers, carbon fibers and wood) of the rods and spheres. Peculiar behaviors were also observed for specific material (woods) probably caused by the anisotropy of this kind of rod material leading to a double envelope soliton.

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