Estimating frame bulk and shear moduli of two double porosity layers by ultrasound transmission

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The acoustic plane wave transmission by water saturated double porosity media is investigated. Two samples of double porosity media assumed to obey Berryman and Wang (BW) extension (Berryman and Wang, 1995, 2000) of Biot's theory in the low frequency regime are under consideration: ROBU® (pure binder-free borosilicate glass 3.3 manufactured to form the individual grains) and Tobermorite 11 Å (the individual porous cement grains show irregular shapes). The de facto gap existing between theoretical and experimental data can be minimized by modifying adequately two of the parameters estimated from triaxial tests: the frame bulk and shear moduli. The frequency dependent imaginary parts that follow necessary from the minimization are in relation with the energy losses due to contact relaxation and friction between grains.

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