Band structure analysis of leaky Bloch waves in 2D phononic crystal plates

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HighlightsA hybrid finite element-plane wave expansion method is proposed.Phononic crystal plates in contact with acoustic half-spaces are considered.Complex Bloch wavenumbers are obtained from a nonlinear eigenvalue problem.Attenuation band diagrams are shown for 1D and 2D phononic crystal plates.A hybrid Finite Element-Plane Wave Expansion method is presented for the band structure analysis of phononic crystal plates with two dimensional lattice that are in contact with acoustic half-spaces. The method enables the computation of both real (propagative) and imaginary (attenuation) components of the Bloch wavenumber at any given frequency.Three numerical applications are presented: a benchmark dispersion analysis for an oil-loaded Titanium isotropic plate, the band structure analysis of a water-loaded Tungsten slab with square cylindrical cavities and a phononic crystal plate composed of Aurum cylinders embedded in an epoxy matrix.

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