A new omnidirectional shear horizontal wave transducer using face-shear (d24) piezoelectric ring array

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HighlightsAn omnidirectional shear horizontal wave piezoelectric transducer is proposed.The transducer consists of a ring array of 12 trapezoidal face-shear PZT elements.The omni-directivity of the transducer is verified by simulations and experiments.The non-dispersive fundamental shear horizontal (SH0) wave in plate-like structures is of practical importance in non-destructive testing (NDT) and structural health monitoring (SHM). Theoretically, an omnidirectional SH0 transducer phased array system can be used to inspect defects in a large plate in the similar manner to the phased array transducers used in medical B-scan ultrasonics. However, very few omnidirectional SH0 transducers have been proposed so far. In this work, an omnidirectional SH0 wave piezoelectric transducer (OSH-PT) was proposed, which consists of a ring array of twelve face-shear (d24) trapezoidal PZT elements. Each PZT element can produce face-shear deformation under applied voltage, resulting in circumferential shear deformation in the OSH-PT and omnidirectional SH0 waves in the hosting plate. Both finite element simulations and experiments were conducted to examine the performance of the proposed OSH-PT. Experimental testing shows that the OSH-PT exhibits good omnidirectional properties, no matter it is used as a SH0 wave transmitter or a SH0 wave receiver. This work may greatly promote the applications of SH0 waves in NDT and SHM.

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