Ultrasonic bent waveguides approach for distributed temperature measurement

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HighlightsNovel multiple bent waveguide method proposed to measure temperature in a chamber.Multiple configurations of bent wires are used with single transducer and electronics.Multiple bent wire waveguide system is calibrated at uniform temperature region.System is validated against thermocouple readings at multiple levels inside the furnace.3D FEM simulation is used to determine the effect of bend radiuses in this method.This paper describes novel techniques for simultaneous measurement of temperatures at multiple locations using two configurations (a) a single transducer attached to multiple waveguides of different lengths (each with a single bend) and (b) single waveguide with multiple bends connected to single transducer. These techniques improve upon the earlier reported studies using straight waveguides, where the non-consideration of the effect of temperature gradients was found to be a major limitation. The range of temperature measurement is from room temperature to maximum utility temperature of the waveguide material. The time of flight difference of reflected ultrasonic longitudinal guided wave modes (L(0, 1)) from the bend, which is the reference signal, and another signal from the end of the waveguide, is utilized to measure the local temperature of the surrounding media. Finite element simulations were employed to obtain the appropriate dimensions and other design features of the multiple bent waveguide. This work is of interest to several industrial applications involving melters and furnaces.

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