Elasticity and wave velocity in fcc iron (austenite) at elevated temperatures – Experimental verification ofab-initiocalculations

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High temperature crystal elasticity constants for face centred cubic austenite are important for interpreting the ultrasonic properties of iron and steels but cannot be determined by normal single crystal methods. Values of these constants have recently been calculated using an ab-initio approach and the present work was carried out to test their applicability using laser-ultrasonic measurements. Steel samples having a known texture were examined at temperatures between 800 °C and 1100 °C to measure the velocity of longitudinal P-waves which were found to be in good agreement with modelled values.HighlightsEvaluating new data for fcc iron from ab-initio modelling.Texture in high temperature austenite phase.Laser-ultrasonics measurements at high temperatures.Close agreement between measured and modelled velocities of longitudinal P-waves.

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