A measurement system of high-temperature oxidation environment with ultrasonic Ir0.6Rth0.4 alloy thermometry

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HIGHLIGHTSBroaden the ultrasonic thermometry application scope, which is the oxidation environment.Propose a ultrasonic method to detect the oxidizing environment temperature above 2000°C.Iridium-rhodium thermocouples can be used intermittently up to 2150°C, however the Ir0.6Rh0.4 waveguide thermometry can be used at temperatures up to 2200°C.Existing iridium rhodium thermocouples have two iridium rhodium alloy wires. Ultrasonic thermometers require only one wire, reducing the necessity for precious metals and thus minimizing the costs of sensor materials.Iridium-rhodium is generally applied as a thermocouple material, with max operating temperature about 2150°C. In this study, a ultrasonic temperature measurement system was designed by using Iridium-rhodium (60%Ir–40%Rh) alloy as an acoustic waveguide sensor material, and the system was preliminarily tested in a high-temperature oxidation environment. The result of ultrasonic temperature measurement shows that this system can indeed work stably in high-temperature oxidation environments. The relationship between temperature and delay time of ultrasonic thermometry up to 2200°C was illustrated. Iridium-rhodium materials were also investigated in order to fully elucidate the proposed waveguide sensor's performance in a high-temperature oxidation environment. This system lays a foundation for further application of high-temperature measurement.

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