Modulating acoustic Fano resonance of self-collimated sound beams in two dimensional sonic crystals

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HighlightsThe self-collimation effect of acoustic beams in sonic crystals.The Fano resonance of self-collimated beams in the coupled zigzag cavities.The Fano lineshape and resonant frequency can be continuously tuned by the parameters of the cavities.Controlling the lineshape of Fano resonance has great potential applications. Here we propose a type of acoustic Fano resonator, which is composed of a multi-layer zigzag line defects (ZLDs) sandwiched by double-layer zigzag steel rods in two-dimensional sonic crystals (SCs). We have theoretically and experimentally observed the asymmetric Fano resonances caused by the interference between the resonant and propagating self-collimated acoustic waves. It is demonstrated that the resonance dip frequency and Fano profile can be modulated by adjusting the structure parameters of the SC-based resonator. Our finding provides an efficient approach to manipulate sound propagation for future acoustic devices.

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