Manipulation of focal patterns in acoustic Soret type zone plate lens by using reference radius/phase effect

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HighlightsA free parameter (reference radius r0) allows obtaining a much finer focus.When r0 is bigger than r1, an expansion of the focus along the longitudinal axis is achieved.When r0 smaller than r1, a control of the Sidelobe Level can be achieve.The prospect of these results are important in some medical applications.Possibility to control a spatial frequency to obtain a finer focus.The manipulation of focal patterns of acoustic underwater Soret Zone Plate lens in far fields, such as manipulation (optimization) of Sidelobe Level and the design of long depth of focus by selecting the simple free parameter called reference radius (phase) has been demonstrated.Two effects have been studied by means of numerical simulations. Regarding the first effect, simulations demonstrate diffraction limited focal spot (0.47 wavelength) and 3 dB reduction of the first Side Lobe Level using Soret ZP with an optimal reference radius and without causing neither main lobe broadening or gain reduction. In the second effect, by using numerical simulations an increasing of depth of focus, more than 2 times, in comparison with classical Soret ZP with high numerical aperture (F/D = 2.5), was observed.

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