Attenuation of Ultrasound in Normal Liver and Diffuse Liver Disease in Vivo
Estimation of the Slope of the Acoustic Attenuation Coefficient
An Improved Stochastic Approach to RF Amplitude Analysis in Ultrasonic Cardiac Tissue Characterization
Lateral Filtering of Medical Ultrasonic B-Scans before Image Generation
A-Mode Speckle Reduction with Compound Frequencies and Compound Bandwidths
Ultrasound Speckle Size and Lesion Signal to Noise Ratio
Diffraction Tomography Using Arbitrary Transmitter and Receiver Surfaces1
Analysis of Random Backscatter in the Presence of Static Reflection Components
Program and Abstracts
Comments on Robinson, D.E. and Knight, P.C. Interpolation Scan Conversion in Pulse Echo Ultrasound, Ultrasonic Imaging 4 297–310 (1982)