Quo vadis medical ultrasound?
Non-contact ultrasonic techniques
Ultrasonic biomedical technology; marketing versus clinical reality
Autoresonant control of nonlinear mode in ultrasonic transducer for machining applications
Real-time optodynamic monitoring of pulsed laser decoating rate
Mechanical alloying of powder materials by ultrasonic milling
Mössbauer and X-ray studies of Fe-powder mechanically alloyed with C using power ultrasonics
The experimental studies of thermoacoustic cooler
A high power ultrasonic array based test cell
A novel multiple blade ultrasonic cutting device
Positioning of small particles by an ultrasound field excited by surface waves
Ultrasonically assisted turning of aviation materials: simulations and experimental study
Use of ultrasonic energy for intensification of the bio-preparation of greige cotton
Characteristics of large capacity ultrasonic complex vibration sources with stepped complex transverse vibration rods
Characterisation of a laser droplet formation process by acoustic emission
Online process control for directional solidification by ultrasonic pulse echo technique
Ultrasonic drawing of tungsten wire for incandescent lamps production
Effect of ultrasonic energy in washing of medical surgery gowns
Characteristics of coated copper wire specimens using high frequency ultrasonic complex vibration welding equipments
Configurations of high-frequency ultrasonics complex vibration systems for packaging in microelectronics
Welding characteristics of 27, 40 and 67 kHz ultrasonic plastic welding systems using fundamental- and higher-resonance frequencies
A dual frequency, ultrasonic, microengineered particle manipulator
Using ultrasonic attenuation to monitor slurry mixing in real time
Receiver operating characteristic analysis for the selection of threshold values for detection of capping in powder compression
Ultrasonic inspection of batters for on-line process monitoring
Effects of ultrasonic energy on the wash fastness of reactive dyes
Effects of ultrasonic energy on dyeing of polyamide (microfibre)/Lycra blends
Friction generated ultrasound from geotechnical materials
On the influence of fatigue on ultrasonic polar scans of fiber reinforced composites
Investigation of acoustic waves of higher order propagating in plates of lithium niobate
Determination of elastic, anelastic, and piezoelectric coefficients of piezoelectric materials from a single specimen by acoustic resonance spectroscopy
Recursive surface impedance matrix methods for ultrasonic wave propagation in piezoelectric multilayers
Dispersion of doppleron-phonon modes in strong coupling regime
Optimisation using measured Green's function for improving spatial coherence in acoustic measurements
Analytical methods for modeling of ultrasonic nondestructive testing of anisotropic media
Numerical time-domain modeling of linear and nonlinear ultrasonic wave propagation using finite integration techniques––theory and applications
Modelling and simulation of acoustic wave propagation in locally resonant sonic materials
An integrated model to simulate the scattering of ultrasounds by inclusions in steels
Inversion of acoustic diffraction fields in anisotropic solids
Calculation of high frequency ultrasonic signals for shear wave insonification in solid material
Finite element modelling of ultrasound, with reference to transducers and AE waves
Multilayer piezocomposite structures with piezoceramic volume fractions determined by mathematical optimisation
Ultrasonic fields radiated through matching layers with nonparallel boundaries
The representation of 3D gaussian beams by means of inhomogeneous waves
Modeling NDT piezoelectric ultrasonic transmitters
Comparison of modeling approaches to ultrasonic testing at near critical angles
A general model of the axle vibration in piezoelectric motors
Acoustic scattering by an elastic elliptic cylinder in water: numerical results and experiments
Modelling of nonlinear effects and the response of ultrasound contrast micro bubbles: simulation and experiment
One dimensional modeling of a step-down ultrasonic densitometer for liquids
Finite-difference and finite-volume methods for nonlinear standing ultrasonic waves in fluid media
Modelling of particle paths passing through an ultrasonic standing wave
Assessment of angiogenesis: implications for ultrasound imaging
Quo vadis elasticity imaging?
Acoustic microscopy system: design and preliminary results
Development and characterization of a nano-scale contrast agent
Interlaboratory evaluation of hydrophone sensitivity calibration from 0.1 to 2 MHz via time delay spectrometry
Non-linear filtering of ultrasonic signals using neural networks
Ultrasonic flaw detection using radial basis function networks (RBFNs)
The influence of finite aperture and frequency response of ultrasonic hydrophone probes on the determination of acoustic output
Transmission of surface acoustic waves through the interface based on discontinuity of electrical boundary conditions on surface of potassium niobate
Experimental study and signal analysis in the Lamb wave conversion at a bevelled edge
Space-time-wave number-frequency Z ( x , t , k , f ) analysis of SAW generation on fluid filled cylindrical shells
Brillouin scattering study on the wave properties in thin SiC films
Generation of Rayleigh waves into mortar and concrete samples
SAW characteristics of AlN films sputtered on silicon substrates
Development of SH-SAW sensors for underwater measurement
Development of a SAW duplexer with one-chip isolation circuits
Thermo-mechanical stress effect on 1–3 piezocomposite power transducer performance
A stochastic approach for the apodization of very short arrays
A conical piezoelectric transducer with integral sensor as a self-calibrating acoustic emission energy source
Imaging with lithium niobate/epoxy composites
Application of the FEM and the BEM to compute the field of a transducer mounted in a rigid baffle (3D case)
Modelling of the radiated field from multi-element capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducers
Ultrasonic transducers working in the air with the continuous wave within the 50–500 kHz frequency range
Estimation of some transducer parameters in a broadband piezoelectric transmitter by using an artificial intelligence technique
Influence of acousto-optic interactions on the determination of the diffracted field by an array obtained from displacement measurements
An ultrasonic transducer array for velocity measurement in underwater vehicles
1–3 connectivity piezoelectric ceramic–polymer composite transducers made with viscous polymer processing for high frequency ultrasound
Thick aluminium nitride films deposited by room-temperature sputtering for ultrasonic applications
Resonance ultrasound spectroscopy with laser-Doppler interferometry for studying elastic properties of thin films
Wave propagation in a wooden bar
Investigations on ferroelectric PMN–PT and PZN–PT single crystals ability for power or resonant actuators
Chirp-Z analysis for sol–gel transition monitoring
Influence of the slow wave on the relation between the angular resonances and the leaky guided modes properties for a poroelastic plate embedded in water
Rapid and accurate analysis of surface and pseudo-surface waves using adaptive laser ultrasound techniques
Ultrasonic characterization of Cu–Al–Ni single crystals lattice stability in the vicinity of the phase transition
Characterization and hardening of concrete with ultrasonic testing
Ultrasonic diffraction grating spectroscopy and characterization of fluids and slurries
Determination of object resonances by vibro-acoustography and their associated modes
Assessment of material degradation due to corrosion-fatigue using a backscattered Rayleigh surface wave
Determination of ultrasonic wave velocities and phase velocity dispersion curves of an Inconel 600 plate using resonant ultrasound spectroscopy and leaky Lamb waves
Evaluation of beryllium stiffening on zirconium plate using backscattered leaky Lamb waves
Measuring fluid and slurry density and solids concentration non-invasively
Wide-range viscoelastic measurement using resonating sensors
Transient unidirectional acoustic streaming in annular resonators
Optimum bubble temperature for the sonochemical production of oxidants
Reagent generation for chemical analysis assisted by ultrasonic irradiation
Impacts of pH and molecular structure on ultrasonic degradation of azo dyes
Effect of particle addition on sonochemical reaction
Individual and combined effects of ultrasound, ozone and UV irradiation: a case study with textile dyes
The oxidation of fullerene[C60] with various amine N-oxides under ultrasonic irradiation
Effect of sonication on the electroless Ni–B deposited powder from acid bath
Applying spectrum analysis and cepstrum analysis to examine the cavitation threshold in water and in salt solution
Ultrasonic relaxation study of preferential solvation in quasi-two-components aqueous solutions of amides and zinc salts
Sonochemically enhanced adsorption and degradation of methyl orange with activated aluminas
Determination of the material properties of microstructures by laser based ultrasound
Surface acoustic wavefront sensor using custom optics
Laser picosecond acoustics in a two-layer structure with oblique probe light incidence
Pulse laser acoustics for the characterization of inhomogeneities at interfaces of microstructures
Laser-ultrasonic surface wave dispersion measurements on surface-treated metals
Experimental evaluation of a non-linear coded excitation method for contrast imaging
Diffraction tomography: a geometrical distortion free procedure
Sonographic evaluation of subacromial space
VOLUS––a visualization system for 3D ultrasound data
Acoustic properties of aortic aneurysm obtained with scanning acoustic microscopy
Development of an ultra-portable echo device connected to USB port
Three-dimensional reconstruction of biological objects' internal structure heterogeneity from the set of ultrasonic tomograms
Study for imaging of inside bone using FM-chirp pulse compression system
Time–frequency analysis for pulse driven ultrasonic microscopy for biological tissue characterization
Finite element modeling and intravascular ultrasound elastography of vulnerable plaques: parameter variation
A novel ultrasound instrument for investigation of arterial mechanics
Feasibility of 3D harmonic contrast imaging
2D arrays device for calcaneus bone transmission: an alternative technological solution using crossed beam forming
Tissue velocity imaging of coronary artery by rotating-type intravascular ultrasound
Noninvasive microbubble-based pressure measurements: a simulation study
Polymeric contrast agent with targeting potential
3D ultrasound guided breast biopsy system
Time reversed wave propagation experiments in chaotic micro-structured cavities
Numerical time-domain simulation of diffusive ultrasound in concrete
Ultrasonic band gaps and negative refraction
Application of phased array techniques to coarse grain components inspection
Detecting small flaws near the interface in pulse-echo
Signal processing for damage detection using two different array transducers
Guided waves in a plate with linearly varying thickness: experimental and numerical results
On estimating the center frequency of ultrasonic pulses
Health monitoring of a composite wingbox structure
Development of an ultrasonic inspection robot using an electromagnetic acoustic transducer for a Lamb wave and an SH-plate wave
Signal processing for the detection of multiple imperfection echoes drowned in the structural noise
Surface-bonded fiber optic Sagnac sensors for ultrasound detection
Speckle reduction by energy time–frequency filtering
Ultrasonic flaw detection in NDE of highly scattering materials using wavelet and Wigner–Ville transform processing
An improved automated ultrasonic NDE system by wavelet and neuron networks
Imaging using air-coupled polymer-membrane capacitive ultrasonic arrays
Effect of the fluid in the inclusions of cement paste on the ultrasonic velocity
3D computational method to study the focal laws of transducer arrays for NDE applications
Remote characterization of defects in plates with viscoelastic coatings using guided waves
Ultrasonic guided wave parameters for detection of axial cracks in feeder pipes of PHWR nuclear power plants
NDE of two-layered mortar samples using high-frequency Rayleigh waves
On the accuracy of thickness measurements in impact-echo testing of finite concrete specimens––numerical and experimental results
Radionuclide tumour therapy with ultrasound contrast microbubbles
The potential for thermal damage posed by microbubble ultrasound contrast agents
Compound high-energy limb fractures with delayed union: our experience with adjuvant ultrasound stimulation (exogen)
Sensitivity of the ultrasonic CARI technique for breast tumor detection using a FETD scheme
Temperature monitoring using ultrasound contrast agents: in vitro investigation on thermal stability
High-intensity focused ultrasound for the treatment of liver tumours
Comparison of two methods of treatment for intraluminal thermal ablation using an ultrasound cylindrical phased array
Ultrasound-triggered drug targeting of tumors in vitro and in vivo
Estimating localized oscillatory tissue motion for assessment of the underlying mechanical modulus
High contrast air-coupled acoustic imaging with zero group velocity lamb modes
A method of improving overall resolution in ultrasonic array imaging using spatio-temporal deconvolution
Semi-sparse deconvolution robust to uncertainties in the impulse responses
Application of vernier thinning techniques to segmented annular arrays
Phase-sensitive acoustic microscopy of polymer thin films
Ultrasonic imaging of sheet metal forming
Applications of linear-motor-driven photoacoustic microscope
On the stability of wideband beam patterns with respect to weighting and envelope fluctuations
A unified treatment of nonclassical nonlinear effects in the propagation of ultrasound in heterogeneous media
Nonlinear acoustic approach to material characterisation of polymers and composites in tensile tests
Resonant bar simulations in media with localized damage
The influence of localized damage in a sample on its resonance spectrum
Nonlinear modulation technique for NDE with air-coupled ultrasound
Modulated angle beam ultrasonic spectroscopy for evaluation of imperfect interfaces and adhesive bonds
Visualization of phase conjugate ultrasound waves passed through inhomogeneous layer
Propagation of initially bi-harmonic sound waves in a 1D semi-infinite medium with hysteretic non-linearity
Contact phase modulation method for acoustic nonlinear parameter measurement in solid
The sensitivity of surface guided modes to the bond quality between a concrete block and a composite plate