Synthetic aperture ultrasound imaging
Acoustic power measurement of high intensity focused ultrasound in medicine based on radiation force
Sonoporation, anti-cancer drug and antibody delivery using ultrasound
Nonlinear absorption in biological tissue for high intensity focused ultrasound
Noninvasive thermometer for HIFU and its scaling
Methods for reducing cutting temperature in ultrasonic cutting of bone
Sound speed correction in ultrasound imaging
A quadrature demodulation method based on tracking the ultrasound echo frequency
Ultrasonic speed microscopy for imaging of coronary artery
Influence of the precision of spectral backscatter measurements on the estimation of scatterers size in cancellous bone
Third order harmonic imaging for biological tissues using three phase-coded pulses
Performance evaluation of eigendecomposition-based adaptive clutter filter for color flow imaging
An adaptive squared-distance-weighted interpolation for volume reconstruction in 3D freehand ultrasound
A method on calculating high-dimensional mutual information and its application to registration of multiple ultrasound images
An adaptive clutter rejection method based on AR model in color flow imaging
Extract echo signal in HFR imaging system
Study on application of complementary Golay code into high frame rate ultrasonic imaging system
High frame rate ultrasonic imaging system based on the angular spectrum principle
Near infrared spectroscopy assessment of the glucose solution processed by ultrasonic cavitation
Schlieren metrology for high frequency medical ultrasound
Nitric oxide delivery by ultrasonic cracking: Some limitations
Study on the multiple scattering effects of ultrasound contrast agents
Optimal design and experimental investigation of surfactant encapsulated microbubbles
Difference frequency and its harmonic emitted by microbubbles under dual frequency excitation
Thermal response of contrast agent microbubbles: Preliminary results from physico-chemical and US-imaging characterization
High frequency attenuation measurements of lipid encapsulated contrast agents
Estimation methods for flow imaging with high frequency ultrasound
The challenges in creating reference maps for verification of ultrasound images
Intravascular two-dimensional tissue strain imaging
3D ultrasound analysis of carotid plaque volume and surface morphology
Parameter study of 3D synthetic aperture post-beamforming procedure
Generation of a torsion wave and measuring its propagation velocity in the circumferential direction of arterial wall
Estimation of complex arterial elastic modulus from ring resonance excited by ultrasound radiation force
Doppler ultrasound signals simulation from vessels with various stenosis degrees
3D dynamical ultrasonic model of pulsating vessel walls
Intravascular ultrasound tissue harmonic imaging: A simulation study
Experimental three dimensional strain estimation from ultrasonic sectorial data
Elasticity reconstruction for ultrasound elastography using a radial compression: An inverse approach
Ultrasonic strain imaging and reconstructive elastography for biological tissue
Ultrasound elastomicroscopy using water jet and osmosis loading: Potentials for assessment for articular cartilage
Viscoelasticity evaluation of rubber by surface reflection of supersonic wave
Critical issues in breast imaging by vibro-acoustography
Transient displacement induced in shear wave elastography: Comparison between analytical results and ultrasound measurements
Ultrasonic pulse waves in cancellous bone analyzed by finite-difference time-domain methods
Distribution of longitudinal wave properties in bovine cortical bone in vitro
Numerical simulation of wave propagation in cancellous bone
Bone micro-damage assessment using non-linear resonant ultrasound spectroscopy (NRUS) techniques: A feasibility study
Experimental study on killing tumor cells by activation of hematoporphyrin derivatives by bi-frequency focal ultrasound in vitro
A novel ultrasonic micro-dissection technique for biomedicine
Computer simulation model on ultrasonic myocardial backscatter
Simulation of sound field in a tissue medium generated by a concave spherically annular transducer
Artificial neural network as a classification method of mice by their calls
Identification and analysis of multimode guided waves in tibia cortical bone
Differential ultrasonic imaging for the characterization of lesions induced by high intensity focused ultrasound
Numerical simulation of the dependence of quantitative ultrasonic parameters on trabecular bone microarchitecture and elastic constants
Multi-parameter ultrasound transmission tomography of biological media
A novel clutter rejection scheme in color flow imaging
Design of a continuous wave blood flow bi-directional Doppler system
Ultrasound palpation sensor for tissue thickness and elasticity measurement – Assessment of transverse carpal ligament
Modeling of interaction between therapeutic ultrasound propagation and cavitation bubbles
Design and experiment of 256-element ultrasound phased array for noninvasive focused ultrasound surgery
Needle and seed segmentation in intra-operative 3D ultrasound-guided prostate brachytherapy
Estimation of HIFU induced lesions in vitro: Numerical simulation and experiment
Focusing cross-fire applicator for ultrasonic hyperthermia of tumors
Basic study on apoptosis induction into cancer cells U-937 and EL-4 by ultrasound exposure
Study of a peak in cavitation activity from HIFU exposures using TA fluorescence
The use of ultrasound to enhance the degradation of the Basic Green by cast iron
Influence of dissolved-air concentration on spatial distribution of bubbles for sonochemistry
Ultrasonic, chemical stability and preparation of self-assembled fullerene[C60]-gold nanoparticle films
Preparation of a water-soluble fullerene [C70] under ultrasonic irradiation
Mechanism of O2-accelerated sonolysis of bisphenol A
Decomposition of an azo dye in aqueous solution by combination of ultrasound and visible light
Applications of a polymeric microgel template/ultrasonic degradation method: Preparation of poly(sodium acrylate)/La(OH)3 nano-composites
Sonophotocatalysis of oxalic acid solution
Effect of ultrasonic power on the structure of activated carbon and the activities of Ru/AC catalyst
Baeyer–Villiger oxidation of cyclohexanone to ε-caprolactone in airlift sonochemical reactor
Ultrasonic treatment on activated sewage sludge from petro-plant for reduction
Investigation of spatial distribution of sound field parameters in ultrasound cleaning baths under the influence of cavitation
The evolution of the cavitation bubble driven by different sound pressure
Preparation of biodiesel with the help of ultrasonic and hydrodynamic cavitation
Observation of fluorescence emissions from single-bubble sonoluminescence in water doped with quinine
Effects of alcohols on multi-bubble sonoluminescence spectra
The inception of cavitation bubble clouds induced by high-intensity focused ultrasound
Sonoluminescing single bubble in concentrated alkali halide solutions
Multibubble sonoluminescence enhancement by fluid flow
Plasma in sonoluminescing bubble
Stable multibubble sonoluminescence bubble patterns
Comparison of EMT and MST approaches in studying linear acoustics in bubbly liquid
Finite element modeling of a microparticle manipulator
Long-path measurements of ultrasonic attenuation and velocity for very dilute slurries and liquids and detection of contaminates
Investigation of two-dimensional acoustic resonant modes in a particle separator
Improving dispersion of nanometer-size diamond particles by acoustic cavitation
Inline ultrasonic rheometry by pulsed Doppler
Polydisperse particle size characterization by ultrasonic attenuation spectroscopy in the micrometer range
Measurement method of particle concentration and acoustic properties in suspension using a focused ultrasonic impulse radiated from a plano-concave transducer
Action of low frequency vibration on liquid droplets and particles
A finite element model for ultrasonic cutting
Superimposed ultrasonic oscillations in compression tests of aluminium
A procedure for the efficient selection of piezoelectric ceramics constituting high-power ultrasonic transducers
Food drying process by power ultrasound
Application of high intensity air-borne ultrasound for debubbling liquid coating layers
Physics and mechanism of ultrasonic impact
Ultrasonic drying of foodstuff in a fluidized bed: Parametric study
Study on the high power air-coupled ultrasonic compound transducer
Power ultrasound interaction with DC atmospheric pressure electrical discharge
Study of the invar effect through ultrasonic measurements of the elastic properties of Fe64Ni36 under pressure
A disk–pivot structure micro piezoelectric actuator using vibration mode B 11
A vibrators alternation stepping ultrasonic motor
Control of an ultrasonic transducer to realize low speed driven
A miniature ultransonic pump using a bending disk transducer and a gap
A traveling wave ultrasonic motor of high torque
Study of a new type linear ultrasonic motor with double-driving feet
Piezoelectric linear motor concepts based on coupling of longitudinal vibrations
Synergetic driving concepts for bundled miniature ultrasonic linear motors
Ultrasonic micro-motor using miniature piezoelectric tube with diameter of 1.0 mm
Design and modeling of inversion layer ultrasonic transducers using LiNbO3 single crystal
Growth and characterization of piezoelectric Sr3Ga2Ge4O14 crystals
A miniaturization of the multi-degree-of-freedom ultrasonic actuator using a small cylinder fixed on a substrate
Piezoelectric textured ceramics: Effective properties and application to ultrasonic transducers
Fine grains ceramics of PIN–PT, PIN–PMN–PT and PMN–PT systems: Drift of the dielectric constant under high electric field
A new open-loop driving method of piezoelectric actuator for periodic reference inputs
A study of a 1-3-2 type piezoelectric composite
Simulations and analysis of a piezoelectric micropump
Control of complex components with Smart Flexible Phased Arrays
Coupling mechanism of an EMAT
Modelling of magnetic fields to enhance the performance of an in-plane EMAT for laser-generated ultrasound
Diffraction aperture non-ideal behaviour of air coupled transducers array elements designed for NDT
Study of 1-3-2 type piezoelectric composite transducer array
The ultrasonic probe for the investigating of internal object structure by ultrasound transmission tomography
Cymbal piezoelectric composite underwater acoustic transducer
Rare earth ultrasonic transducer technique research
Miniature piezoelectric conical transducer: Fabrication, evaluation and application
Piezoelectric diaphragm for vibration energy harvesting
A KLM–circuit model of a multi-layer transducer for acoustic bladder volume measurements
High frequency broadband PZT thick film ultrasonic transducers for medical imaging applications
A novel method to design sparse linear arrays for ultrasonic phased array
A 2D equivalent circuit of piezoelectric ceramic ring for transducer design
Acoustical experiment of yogurt fermentation process
Study of polarization control model for piezoelectric actuator
Electrode effects on general modes in high-overtone bulk acoustic resonators
Model based analysis of piezoelectric transformers
Piezoelectric transducer design via multiobjective optimization
Complete ultrasonic transducer characterization and its use for models and measurements
Finite element analyzing of underwater receiving sensitivity of PMN-0.33PT single crystal cymbal hydrophone
Experimental and theoretical determination of 1–3 piezocomposite electroacoustic tensor
Nonlinear standing waves in 2-D acoustic resonators
Nonlinear ultrasonic resonators: A numerical analysis in the time domain
Nonlinear interactions in elastic resonators
Characteristics of fundamental acoustic wave modes in thin piezoelectric plates
Determine mechanical properties of particulate composite using ultrasound spectroscopy
Differential geometry of ray surfaces in anisotropic solids and its contribution to NDE: Modelling and experiment
A study on the dispersions of piezoelectric plate with laser ultrasound measurement and theoretical modeling
Development of an advanced multimode automatic ultrasonic texture measurement system for laboratory and production line application
Air-coupled ultrasonic investigation of multi-layered composite materials
The transient response of a transversely isotropic cylinder under a laser point source impact
The anisotropy of biological composites studied with ultrasonic technique
Enhanced anisotropy in Paratellurite for inhomogeneous waves and its possible importance in the future development of acousto-optic devices
Effect of spatial dispersion on transient acoustic wave propagation in 3D
Acoustic waves generated by a laser line pulse in a hollow cylinder
Calculation of electromechanical coupling coefficient of Lamb waves in multilayered plates
Thickness vibrations of a piezoelectric plate under biasing fields
Numerical analysis of bulk conical waves in anisotropic cylinders; application to stiffness tensor measurement
Lamb mode reflections at the end of a plate loaded by a viscoelastic material
The determination of electrical parameters of quartz crystal resonators with the consideration of dissipation
Ultrasonic monitoring of yoghurt formation by using AT-cut quartz: Lighting of casein micelles interactions process during the acidification
Kinetic study of silica gels by a new rheological ultrasonic investigation
On interference effects in the elastodynamic Green’s functions G 33( x , ω ) of Si and GaAs
Sensitivity of a Lamb wave sensor with 2 μm AlN membrane
Resonant transmission in stop bands of acoustic waves in periodic structures
A novel matching network employing surface acoustic wave devices for W-CDMA power amplifiers
Study on measurement of dispersive characteristics of higher order mode Lamb waves
Performance optimization of plate-mode sensors with bi-layered structure
Ultrasonic evaluation of residual stresses in flat glass tempering by an original double interferometric detection
The study of guided waves in surfaces and thin supported films using surface Brillouin scattering and acoustic microscopy
Two-dimensional analysis of the effect of an electrode layer on surface acoustic waves in a finite anisotropic plate
Exact and approximate analysis of surface acoustic waves in an infinite elastic plate with a thin metal layer
Ultrasonic concentration measurement of aqueous solutions using PLS regression
Simulation and data reconstruction for NDT phased array techniques
Ultrasonic surface crack characterization on complex geometries using surface waves
Dynamic interaction of anti-plane shear waves with arc-shaped interfacial crack in piezoelectric media
An ultrasonic measurement model using a multi-Gaussian beam model for a rectangular transducer
CIVA: An expertise platform for simulation and processing NDT data
Improving the Born approximation for the scattering of ultrasound in elastic solids
Modeling laser-generated guided waves in bonded plates by the finite element method
Parametric estimation of ultrasonic phase velocity and attenuation in dispersive media
PSpice circuital modelling of ultrasonic imaging transceivers including frequency-dependent acoustic losses and signal distortions in electronic stages
Time-varying prediction filter for structural noise reduction in ultrasonic NDE
Porosity estimation of aged mortar using a micromechanical model
Parallel numerical simulation of the ultrasonic waves in a prestressed formation
Nondestructive testing using air-borne ultrasound
Modern acoustic emission technique and its application in aviation industry
Measurement of the viscosity–density product using multiple reflections of ultrasonic shear horizontal waves
Application of pulse acoustic microscopy technique for 3D imaging bulk microstructure of carbon fiber-reinforced composites
Design of low-frequency ultrasonic sensors for the analysis of the draining stage of cheese production
Ultrasonic characterisation of flour–water systems: A new approach to investigate dough properties
Ultrasonic characterization of granites obtained from industrial quarries of Extremadura (Spain)
Noise reduction in ultrasonic NDT using undecimated wavelet transforms
Recognition of external object features in gas media using ultrasound transmission tomography
Lamb waves beam deviation due to small inclination of the test structure in air-coupled ultrasonic NDT
Characterization of TiN coating layers using ultrasonic backward radiation
Contour tracking of specularly reflecting surfaces
Noise level analysis in buffer rod geometries for ultrasonic sensors
Acoustic analysis of bound rubber formed in silica/SBR compounds
Location of multiple proximate flaws using perpendicular NDT ultrasonic arrays
Study on energy attenuation of ultrasonic guided waves going through girth welds
Fringed sound fields and their interaction with liquid–solid interfaces
Ultrasonic sensor to characterize wood pulp during refining
3D Analysis of interaction of Lamb waves with defects in loaded steel plates
Pulsed Rayleigh wave scattered at a surface crack
Circumferential and longitudinal defect detection using T(0, 1) mode excited by thickness shear mode piezoelectric elements
Propagation phenomena of wideband guided waves in a bended pipe
Combined spectral estimator for phase velocities of multimode Lamb waves in multilayer plates
Nondestructive testing in human teeth using a leaky Lamb wave device
Characterization of surface properties of a solid plate using nonlinear Lamb wave approach
Inclusions detection using Lamb waves in flexible printed circuits
Simulation of leaky Rayleigh wave at air–solid cylindrical interfaces by finite element method
3D Gabor analysis of transient waves propagating along an AT cut quartz disk
Laser ultrasonic analysis of normal modes generated by a voltage pulse on an AT quartz sensor
Three-dimensional analyses of photo-modulated reflectivity for transparent film/opaque substrate structures
Acoustic field excited by a pulsed laser line source in a cylinder
Optodynamic study of multiple pulses micro drilling
On the use of laser-ultrasonics technique to excite selectively cylinder acoustic resonances
The applicability of a material-treatment laser pulse in non-destructive evaluations
Generation and detection of acoustic solitons in crystalline slabs by laser ultrasonics
Propagation of guided elastic waves in 2D phononic crystals
Elastodynamic wave propagation in graded materials: Simulations, experiments, phenomena, and applications
Study of the elastic constants in a La0.6Sr0.4MnO3 film by means of laser-generated ultrasonic wave method
Influence of oxygen on the elastic properties of nanocrystalline diamond films studied by laser-induced surface acoustic waves
Enthalpy and conformational volume changes of mammalian oxy-hemoglobins investigated by pulsed photoacoustic calorimetry
A new optical method for the detection of in-plane motion of ultrasound propagating in metals
FE simulation of laser generated surface acoustic wave propagation in skin
Identification of laser-generated ultrasounds in the response of the cylinder over time and space
Analysis of optodynamic sources generated during laser-induced breakdown in water
Velocity of a SAW propagating in a 2D phononic crystal
Application of the laser generated focused-Lamb wave for non-contact imaging of defects in plate
Characterization of Ta and TaN diffusion barriers beneath Cu layers using picosecond ultrasonics
Generation and detection of incoherent phonons in picosecond ultrasonics
Picosecond ultrasonics time resolved spectroscopy using a photonic crystal fiber
Individual and collective vibrational modes of nanostructures studied by picosecond ultrasonics
Combined phase-sensitive acoustic microscopy and confocal laser scanning microscopy
Combined surface-focused acoustic microscopy in transmission and scanning ultrasonic holography
Assessment of bone structure and acoustic impedance in C3H and BL6 mice using high resolution scanning acoustic microscopy
Harmonic and subharmonic acoustic wave generation in finite structures
Experimental and theoretical study of harmonic generation at contacting interface
Investigation of solid/solid interface waves with laser ultrasonics
Nonlinear ultrasonic imaging of imperfectly bonded interfaces
Profiles of initially sinusoidal waves propagating in nonlinear microinhomogeneous materials
Estimation of clamping force in high-tension bolts through ultrasonic velocity measurement
A dynamical model of subharmonic generation in ultrasonic infrared thermography
Laser ultrasonic characterization of adhesive bonds between epoxy coating and aluminum substrate
Contact acoustic nonlinearity in a bonded solid–solid interface
Lamb wave propagation in a plate with a grooved surface with several spatial periodicities
Evaluation of CVD diamond coating layer using leaky Rayleigh wave
Ultrasonic flowmeters: Half-century progress report, 1955–2005
New applications for ultrasonic sensors in process industries
Ultrasonic diffraction grating spectroscopy and the measurement of particle size
Process monitoring using ultrasonic sensor systems
Lift-off compensation for improved accuracy in ultrasonic lamb wave velocity measurements using electromagnetic acoustic transducers (EMATs)
Doppler-shifted cyclotron, doppleron–phonon, and pseudo-doppleron–phonon resonances in indium
Temperature dependences of relaxation time, adiabatic and isothermal elastic moduli in ZnSe:Ni and ZnSe:Cr crystals obtained in an ultrasonic experiment
Experimental researches of propagation of acoustic compression pulses in copper wires
Nonlinear ultrasonic nature of organic liquid and organic liquid mixture
The range equation of the ultrasonic link in gas media
Automatic measurement of the nonlinearity parameter B / A in liquid media
A novel approach for description of nonlinear field radiated from a concave source with wide aperture angle
Ultrasonic studies on polystyrene/styrene butadiene rubber polymer blends filled with glass fiber and talc
Fast beating null strip during the reflection of pulsed Gaussian beams incident at the Rayleigh angle
A method for acoustic parameter measurement of viscoelastic material
Acoustic wave propagation in high-pressure system
Anomalous sea surface reverberation scale model experiments
Ultrasonic spectroscopy of pure cyclic compounds
Experimental and numerical investigations on the dispersion behaviors of wedge waves propagating along wedges with bilinear cross sections
Theory and simulation of wave phase conjugation
Interior dynamics of subharmonious surface wave in an idealized bidimensional granular layer
The stability of the plane free surface of water in a vertical vibrated vessel with corrugated bottom
Dynamic behaviors of supersonic granular media under vertical vibration
Shear elasticity of fluids at low-frequent shear influence
Hypersonic velocity measurement using Brillouin scattering technique. Application to water under high pressure and temperature
A study for high accuracy real-time 3D ultrasonic location system
Investigation on the different types of resonators in the thermoacoustic Stirling prime mover
Experimental study of the influence of different resonators on thermoacoustic conversion performance of a thermoacoustic-Stirling heat engine
A numerical simulation method and analysis of a complete thermoacoustic-Stirling engine
Design and experiment on a mini cascade thermoacoustic engine
Influence of resonance tube geometry shape on performance of thermoacoustic engine
Energy flow measurements in acoustic waves in a duct
Measurement of acoustic output power in a traveling wave engine
Experimental investigation of a thermoacoustic-Stirling refrigerator driven by a thermoacoustic-Stirling heat engine
Acousto-electron interaction in InGaAsP/InP laser heterostructures
Acoustooptic interaction in science and applications
Probing of liquids by Bessel light beams under conditions of acousto-optical interactions
Application of Brillouin scattering to the local anisotropy and birefringence measurements of thin layers
Schlieren visualization of ultrasonic wave fields with high spatial resolution
Use of the application of heterodyne laser interferometer in power ultrasonics