Measurement of elastic nonlinearity using remote laser ultrasonics and CHeap Optical Transducers and dual frequency surface acoustic waves
Nonlinear surface acoustic waves: Theory
Nonlinear surface acoustic waves: Realization of solitary pulses and fracture
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Performance of a quarter-wavelength particle concentrator
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Image features in medical vibro-acoustography: In vitro and in vivo results
Angle-independent and multi-dimensional myocardial elastography – From theory to clinical validation
Simulations of lesion detection using a combined phased array LHMI-technique
Diffraction of picosecond bulk longitudinal and shear waves in micron thick films; Application to their nondestructive evaluation
Pulse acoustic microscopy characterization of the elastic properties of nanostructured metal–nanocarbon composites (Declercq/ICU′07)
Modeling of Coulomb coupling and acoustic wave propagation in LiNbO3
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Ultrasonic properties of nanoparticles-liquid suspensions
Ultrasonic determination of the particle size distribution in water-based magnetic liquid
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Numerical and experimental study on the wave attenuation in bone – FDTD simulation of ultrasound propagation in cancellous bone
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Advanced post-processing for scanned ultrasonic arrays: Application to defect detection and classification in non-destructive evaluation