Design and modeling of systems for ultrasonic detection and measurements. Short resume of the topics of SS23 session in ICU congress, for the presentation of especial issue ICU09
Simultaneous determination of the ultrasound velocity and the thickness of solid plates from the analysis of thickness resonances using air-coupled ultrasound
Ultrasonic material characterization using large-aperture PVDF receivers
Limited-diffraction wave generation by approaching theoretical X-wave electrical driving signals with rectangular pulses
New ultrasound imaging techniques with phase coherence processing
Laboratory singing sand avalanches
Elastic waves in noncohesive frictionless granular crystals
Ultrasound propagation in wet and airless non-consolidated granular materials
Electric field effects in RUS measurements
Resonant-ultrasound spectroscopy for studying annealing effect on elastic constant of thin film
Composition dependence of the elastic constants of β-phase and (α + β)-phase PdH x
Surface acoustic waves in interaction with a dislocation
Solitary surface acoustic waves and bulk solitons in nanosecond and picosecond laser ultrasonics
Wave guide imaging through Time Domain Topological Energy
Air-coupled ultrasonic assessment of wood veneer
Two-dimensional simulation of the single-sided air-coupled ultrasonic pitch-catch technique for non-destructive testing
Picosecond time scale imaging of mechanical contacts
Picosecond acoustics in vegetal cells: Non-invasive in vitro measurements at a sub-cell scale
Noninvasive electromechanical wave imaging and conduction-relevant velocity estimation in vivo
Dual-mode transducers for ultrasound imaging and thermal therapy
MRI-guided focused ultrasound treatments
Diversity of biomedical applications of acoustic radiation force
Multi-modal particle manipulator to enhance bead-based bioassays
Observation of particles manipulated by ultrasound in close proximity to a cone-shaped infrared spectroscopy probe
Strategies for single particle manipulation using acoustic and flow fields
ICU 2009 Special Session 20: Microbubbles for therapy
Microfoam formation in a capillary
Ultrasound-assisted microbubbles gene transfer in tendons for gene therapy
Cavitation microstreaming and stress fields created by microbubbles
2D array design based on Fermat spiral for ultrasound imaging
Influence of temperature variations on the entropy and correlation of the Grey-Level Co-occurrence Matrix from B-Mode images
Impact of acoustic pressure on ambient pressure estimation using ultrasound contrast agent
The role of energy density and acoustic cavitation in shock wave lithotripsy
High-power ultrasonic system for the enhancement of mass transfer in supercritical CO2 extraction processes
Characterization of HIFU transducers designed for sonochemistry application: Cavitation distribution and quantification
Current topics on sonoelectrochemistry
Hydrodynamic sono-voltammetry of ferrocene in [Tf2N]− based ionic liquid media
Effective radiating area and beam non-uniformity ratio of ultrasound transducers at 5 MHz, according to IEC 61689:2007