Axial acoustic radiation force of progressive cylindrical diverging waves on a rigid and a soft cylinder immersed in an ideal compressible fluid
A cylindrical standing wave ultrasonic motor using bending vibration transducer
Controlling the transmission of ultrahigh frequency bulk acoustic waves in silicon by 45° mirrors
Sonodynamically induced anti-tumor effect with protoporphyrin IX on hepatoma-22 solid tumor
Modeling electrical response of polymer-coated SAW resonators by equivalent circuit representation
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Measurements of degree of sensitization (DoS) in aluminum alloys using EMAT ultrasound
Extension of the distributed point source method for ultrasonic field modeling
Ultrasonically enhanced extraction of bioactive principles from Quillaja Saponaria Molina ☆
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Lamb waves in two-dimensional phononic crystal plate with anisotropic inclusions
Influence of ultrasonic vibration on micro-extrusion
Dynamic modeling of thickness-mode piezoelectric transducer using the block diagram approach
Gaussian-DPSM (G-DPSM) and Element Source Method (ESM) modifications to DPSM for ultrasonic field modeling
Ultrasonic scanning of straight micro tools in soft biological tissues: Methodology and implementation
Low-intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS) and cell-to-cell communication in bone marrow stromal cells
Erratum to “Axial time-averaged acoustic radiation force on a cylinder in a nonviscous fluid revisited” [Ultrasonics 50 (2010) 620–627],