Dynamic modeling of thickness-mode piezoelectric transducer using the block diagram approach

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Research highlights

★ A block diagram approach is analyzed the characteristics of a piezoelectric transducer. ★ The input–output function of transducer is obtained by Mason's rule. ★ The system parameters of the feedback model are identified by measurement. ★ The proposed approach can be predicted the thickness-mode transducer behavior.

This paper aims to provide an alternative method to determine the characteristics of a piezoelectric transducer from measurement. A block diagram approach is proposed to analyze the dynamic characteristics of a thickness-mode piezoelectric transducer at its resonance frequency. Based on the feedback loop framework, the input–output relations of the electromechanical interaction of the transducer are described in terms of linear block diagram models. Furthermore, the closed-loop relations from external force to vibration velocity and electric current from generated voltage are easily found by Mason's rule to characterize the equivalent mechanical admittance and electrical impedance, respectively. An example of a Langevin transducer with 28.15 kHz resonance frequency is illustrated for dynamics analysis. The frequency responses of the piezoelectric transducer, resulting from a force and current input, are respectively measured to identify the system parameters of the feedback model. The experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method.

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