Lamb waves in two-dimensional phononic crystal plate with anisotropic inclusions

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Research highlights

★ The effects of anisotropic property of inclusions on the band structure of Lamb wave is investigated. ★ The anisotropic materials exert different influences on the band structure when the thickness of a phononic crystal plate is varied. ★ The influence of anisotropic materials on Lamb wave band gap is quite different from that on a bulk waves.

An analysis is given to the band structure of the two-dimensional phononic crystal plate constituted of a square array of elastic anisotropic, circular Pb cylinders embedded in elastic isotropic epoxy. The numerical results show that the band gap can be tuned by rotating the anisotropic material orientation. It is found that the influence of anisotropy on band gap of Lamb wave is clearly different from that on the band gap of bulk waves. The thickness of the system under study is a sensitive parameter to affect the influence of anisotropic materials on the normalized gap width.

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