Broadband terahertz ultrasonic transducer based on a laser-driven piezoelectric semiconductor superlattice
Oscillations of a statistical scattering in the Rayleigh limit and the Rayleigh law violation
In vitro evaluation of the impact of ultrasound scanner settings and contrast bolus volume on time–intensity curves
PMN–PT single crystal focusing transducer fabricated using a mechanical dimpling technique
Phantom investigation of phase-inversion-based dual-frequency excitation imaging for improved contrast display
Propagation behaviors of thickness–twist modes in an inhomogeneous piezoelectric plate with two imperfectly bonded interfaces
Laser ultrasonics detection of an embedded crack in a composite spherical particle
Modelling and simulation of high-frequency (100 MHz) ultrasonic linear arrays based on single crystal LiNbO3
Novel device to measure critical point “Onset” of capillary wave and interpretation of Faraday instability wave by numerical analysis
Ultrasonic measurements of particle retention by a porous medium
Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse-Imaging for the evaluation of the thyroid gland: A limited patient feasibility study
Resonant-type Smooth Impact Drive Mechanism (SIDM) actuator using a bolt-clamped Langevin transducer
Three-dimensional hybrid model for predicting air-coupled generation of guided waves in composite material plates
Improving image quality of diagnostic ultrasound by using the safe use time model with the dynamic safety factor and the effect of the exposure time on the image quality
Study on the radial vibration and acoustic field of an isotropic circular ring radiator
Ultrasound therapy modulates osteocalcin expression during bone repair in rats
Measurement of the sound velocity in fluids using the echo signals from scattering particles
Reverberation-ray matrix analysis for wave propagation in multiferroic plates with imperfect interfacial bonding
Shear-horizontal waves in a rotated Y-cut quartz plate in contact with a viscous fluid
Parabola detection using matched filtering for ultrasound B-scans
Solution to the influence of the MSSW propagating velocity on the bandwidths of the single-scale wavelet-transform processor using MSSW device
Transverse (lateral) instantaneous force of an acoustical first-order Bessel vortex beam centered on a rigid sphere
Analysis of 2-D motion tracking in ultrasound with dual transducers
Determination of acoustic impedances of multi matching layers for narrowband ultrasonic airborne transducers at frequencies <2.5 MHz – Application of a genetic algorithm
The targeted gene (KDRP-CD/TK) therapy of breast cancer mediated by SonoVue and ultrasound irradiation in vitro