Sequential beamforming for synthetic aperture imaging
Modification of the hand-held Vscan ultrasound and verification of its performance for transvaginal applications
Effect of an elastic wall on the dynamics of an encapsulated microbubble: A simulation study
Detection of sonoluminescence signals in a gel phantom in the presence of Protoporphyrin IX conjugated to gold nanoparticles
Deconvolution of vibroacoustic images using a simulation model based on a three dimensional point spread function
A high-precision angular control system for HIFU calibration
Quantitative assessment of effects of phase aberration and noise on high-frame-rate imaging
Numerical and experimental analysis of the critically refracted longitudinal beam
Controlling the acoustic streaming by pulsed ultrasounds
High intensity focused ultrasound ablation of goat liver in vivo : Pathologic changes of portal vein and the “heat-sink” effect
Intense focused ultrasound as a potential research tool for the quantification of diurnal inflammatory pain
A thin-film bulk acoustic resonator and filter with optimal edge shapes for mass production
Mathematical modeling of microbubble cavitation at 70 kHz and the importance of the subharmonic in drug delivery from micelles
Automated segmentation of transcranial sonographic images in the diagnostics of Parkinson’s disease
Golay code modulation in low-power laser-ultrasound
Interaction of Lamb modes with an inclusion
Numerical modeling of thermoelastic generation of ultrasound by laser irradiation in the coupled thermoelasticity
Detecting broken-wire flaws at multiple locations in the same wire of prestressing strands using guided waves
Modeling and prediction of density distribution and microstructure in particleboards from acoustic properties by correlation of non-contact high-resolution pulsed air-coupled ultrasound and X-ray images
Simulations of adaptive temperature control with self-focused hyperthermia system for tumor treatment
Fluorescent microscope system to monitor real-time interactions between focused ultrasound, echogenic drug delivery vehicles, and live cell membranes
Experimental and simulated performance of lithium niobate 1–3 piezocomposites for 2 MHz non-destructive testing applications
Frequency dependence of laser ultrasonic SAW phase velocities measurements
Generation of microbubbles from hollow cylindrical ultrasonic horn
Numerical study on the splitting of a vapor bubble in the ultrasonic assisted EDM process with the curved tool and workpiece
Elastic constants of Ultrasonic Additive Manufactured Al 3003-H18
Frequency and angular bandwidth of acousto-optic deflectors with ultrasonic walk-off
Efficient high voltage pulser for piezoelectric air coupled transducer
The ABCG2 transporter is a key molecular determinant of the efficacy of sonodynamic therapy with Photofrin in glioma stem-like cells
Influence of axle–wheel interface on ultrasonic testing of fatigue cracks in wheelset
Microfluidic acoustic trapping force and stiffness measurement using viscous drag effect
A measurement-domain adaptive beamforming approach for ultrasound instrument based on distributed compressed sensing: Initial development
Chirp excitation of ultrasonic guided waves
Reflection of Lamb waves obliquely incident on the free edge of a plate
A study of time harmonic guided Lamb waves and their caustics in composite plates
Resizing buffer rods for ultrasound testing of food products with acoustic noise considerations