Guided wave propagation in uncertain elastic media
Experimental and numerical study of evanescent waves in the mini stopband of a 1D phononic crystal
Evaluation of 18F-labeled targeted perfluorocarbon-filled albumin microbubbles as a probe for microUS and microPET in tumor-bearing mice
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High frequency PMN–PT single crystal focusing transducer fabricated by a mechanical dimpling technique
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Effects of beryllium coating layer on performance of the ultrasonic waveguide sensor
Ultrasonic field profile evaluation in acoustically inhomogeneous anisotropic materials using 2D ray tracing model: Numerical and experimental comparison
Temperature and boundary influence on cement hydration monitoring using embedded piezoelectric transducers
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Application of the split-step Padé approach to nonlinear field predictions
Internal strain estimation for quantification of human heel pad elastic modulus: A phantom study
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Optimisation of Pulsed Ultrasonic Velocimetry system and transducer technology for industrial applications
Difference-frequency generation in nonlinear scattering of acoustic waves by a rigid sphere
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Band gap structures in two-dimensional super porous phononic crystals
Pre-beamformed RF signal reconstruction in medical ultrasound using compressive sensing
Estimating the local viscoelastic properties from dispersive shear waves using time–frequency ridge analysis
Ultrasonic measurement of bulk and shear moduli variations in porous alumina media
Extraction of left-ventricular torsion angle from the long-axis view by block-matching algorithm: Comparison with the short-axis view
20 MHz forward-imaging single-element beam steering with an internal rotating variable-angle reflecting surface: Wire phantom and ex vivo pilot study
Modified multi-element synthetic transmit aperture method for ultrasound imaging: A tissue phantom study
Application of cavitation promoting surfaces in management of acute ischemic stroke
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