Retirement of Wolfgang Sachse as Editor-in-Chief of Ultrasonics
Surface and quasi-longitudinal acoustic waves in KTiOAsO4 single crystals
Carotid atherosclerotic plaque characterisation by measurement of ultrasound sound speed in vitro at high frequency, 20 MHz
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Material damage diagnosis and characterization for turbine rotors using three-dimensional adaptive ultrasonic NDE data reconstruction techniques
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On the validity and improvement of the ultrasonic pulse-echo immersion technique to measure real attenuation
Quantitative evaluation of ultrasonic C-scan image in acoustically homogeneous and layered anisotropic materials using three dimensional ray tracing method
Reconstructing 3-D maps of the local viscoelastic properties using a finite-amplitude modulated radiation force
Perturbation method for the second-order nonlinear effect of focused acoustic field around a scatterer in an ideal fluid
Modelling of a novel high-impedance matching layer for high frequency (>30 MHz) ultrasonic transducers
Baseline subtraction technique in the frequency–wavenumber domain for high sensitivity damage detection
Study on the electromechanical coupling coefficient of Rayleigh-type surface acoustic waves in semi-infinite piezoelectrics/non-piezoelectrics superlattices
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Microfabrication of stacks of acoustic matching layers for 15 MHz ultrasonic transducers
Study of ultrasound stiffness imaging methods using tissue mimicking phantoms
Analysis of multiple wavelengths of Lamb waves generated by meander-line coil EMATs
Concomitance in single bubble sonoluminescence of period doubling in emission and shape distortion
Shear Bloch waves and coupled phonon–polariton in periodic piezoelectric waveguides
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Rotary ultrasonic machining of CFRP: A mechanistic predictive model for cutting force
Ultrasonic flaw detection using threshold modified S-transform
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A novel acoustic emission beamforming method with two uniform linear arrays on plate-like structures
Corrigendum to “Longitudinal wave propagation in multi cylindrical viscoelastic matching layers of airborne ultrasonic transducer: New method to consider the matching layer’s diameter (frequency < 100 kHz)” [Ultrasonics 53 (2013) 1174–1184],