Scaling of the viscoelastic shell properties of phospholipid encapsulated microbubbles with ultrasound frequency
Effect of surfactant addition on removal of microbubbles using ultrasound
Detection of cellular damage by hydrogen peroxide using SV40-T2 cells on shear horizontal surface acoustic wave (SH-SAW) sensor
Applications of low-intensity pulsed ultrasound to increase monoclonal antibody production in CHO cells using shake flasks or wavebags
Window-modulated compounding Nakagami imaging for ultrasound tissue characterization
Calculation of leaky Lamb waves with a semi-analytical finite element method
Air-coupled detection of nonlinear Rayleigh surface waves to assess material nonlinearity
Influence of subcutaneous fat in surface heating of ultrasonic diagnostic transducers
Effects of red blood cell aggregates dissociation on the estimation of ultrasound speckle image velocimetry
Measurement of cylindrical Rayleigh surface waves using line-focused PVDF transducers and defocusing measurement method
Selective ultrasonic imprinting for micropattern replication on predefined area
On the effectiveness of lateral excitation of shear modes in AlN layered resonators
Pitfalls in the experimental recording of ultrasonic (backscatter) polar scans for material characterization
Acoustic emission localization in beams based on time reversed dispersion
Active incremental Support Vector Machine for oil and gas pipeline defects prediction system using long range ultrasonic transducers
The development of a shock-tube based characterization technique for air-coupled ultrasonic probes
Nonlinear guided waves in plates: A numerical perspective
Characterization of a cylindrical rod by inversion of acoustic scattering data
A novel unsplit perfectly matched layer for the second-order acoustic wave equation
Ultrasonic monitoring of malolactic fermentation in red wines
Influence of low-intensity pulsed ultrasound on osteogenic tissue regeneration in a periodontal injury model: X-ray image alterations assessed by micro-computed tomography
Longitudinal ultrasonic vibration assisted guillotining of stacked paper
Preliminary study on rotary ultrasonic machining of CFRP/Ti stacks
Limited damage of tissue mimic caused by a collapsing bubble under low-frequency ultrasound exposure
A curved ultrasonic actuator optimized for spherical motors: Design and experiments
Producing acoustic ‘Frozen Waves’: Simulated experiments with diffraction/attenuation resistant beams in lossy media
A FEM-based method to determine the complex material properties of piezoelectric disks
Mathematical morphology for TOFD image analysis and automatic crack detection
A novel optimal sensitivity design scheme for yarn tension sensor using surface acoustic wave device
Tandem shock waves to enhance genetic transformation of Aspergillus niger
The finite element method for micro-scale modeling of ultrasound propagation in cancellous bone
Wave propagation in layered piezoelectric rectangular bar: An extended orthogonal polynomial approach
Scholte–Stoneley waves on an immersed solid dihedral: Generation, propagation and scattering effects
Feasibility of non-invasive temperature estimation by the assessment of the average gray-level content of B-mode images
Ultrasonic sensor for predicting sugar concentration using multivariate calibration
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