2015 International Congress on Ultrasonics
Review of magnetostrictive patch transducers and applications in ultrasonic nondestructive testing of waveguides
Optical theorem for two-dimensional (2D) scalar monochromatic acoustical beams in cylindrical coordinates
An explicit formula for the coherent SH waves' attenuation coefficient in random porous materials with low porosities
Increased range of ultrasonic guided wave testing of overhead transmission line cables using dispersion compensation
General properties of the acoustic plate modes at different temperatures
High and low frequency subharmonic imaging of angiogenesis in a murine breast cancer model
Multi-frequency local wavenumber analysis and ply correlation of delamination damage
Streaming flow from ultrasound contrast agents by acoustic waves in a blood vessel model
Sonodynamic action of curcumin on foodborne bacteria Bacillus cereus and Escherichia coli
Transient analysis of leaky Lamb waves with a semi-analytical finite element method
A scanning-mode 2D shear wave imaging (s2D-SWI) system for ultrasound elastography
Combined effect of ultrasound/SonoVue microbubble on CD4+CD25+ regulatory T cells viability and optimized parameters for its transfection
Adhesion characterization and defect sizing of sandwich honeycomb composites
Defect detection around rebars in concrete using focused ultrasound and reverse time migration
Finite element simulation of core inspection in helicopter rotor blades using guided waves
Screen-printed ultrasonic 2-D matrix array transducers for microparticle manipulation
Nonlinear elastic wave tomography for the imaging of corrosion damage
Plate acoustic wave sensor for detection of small amounts of bacterial cells in micro-litre liquid samples
A sparse digital signal model for ultrasonic nondestructive evaluation of layered materials
Ultrasonic temperature distribution reconstruction for circular area based on Markov radial basis approximation and singular value decomposition
Sound velocity and attenuation coefficient of hard and hollow microparticle suspensions observed by ultrasound spectroscopy
Assessment of the shear acoustic velocities in the different materials composing a high frequency solidly mounted resonator
Array of piezoelectric lateral electric field excited resonators
Crack imaging and quantification in aluminum plates with guided wave wavenumber analysis methods
Interface wave propagation and edge conversion at a low stiffness interphase layer between two solids: A numerical study
Detection and quantification of pipe damage from change in time of flight and phase
High-frequency lowest torsional wave mode ultrasonic inspection using a necked pipe waveguide unit
Interaction of an acoustical 2D-beam with an elastic cylinder with arbitrary location in a non-viscous fluid
Quantification of carotid plaque elasticity and intraplaque neovascularization using contrast-enhanced ultrasound and image registration-based elastography
Dispersion analysis and measurement of circular cylindrical wedge-like acoustic waveguides
Feature selection for neural network based defect classification of ceramic components using high frequency ultrasound
Strain estimation by a Fourier Series-based extrema tracking algorithm for elastography
Inspection of additive-manufactured layered components
Towards clinical computed ultrasound tomography in echo-mode: Dynamic range artefact reduction
Continuous leakage location in noisy environment using modal and wavelet analysis with one AE sensor
Detection and characterization of stainless steel SCC by the analysis of crack related acoustic emission