Material grain size characterization method based on energy attenuation coefficient spectrum and support vector regression
Performance study of a new time-delay estimation algorithm in ultrasonic echo signals and ultrasound elastography
Experimental study of nonlinear ultrasonic behavior of soil materials during the compaction
A remark on the computation of shear-horizontal and torsional modes in elastic waveguides
Dynamic acousto-elastic test using continuous probe wave and transient vibration to investigate material nonlinearity
Modelling and characterisation of a ultrasound-actuated needle for improved visibility in ultrasound-guided regional anaesthesia and tissue biopsy
Improving acoustic streaming effects in fluidic systems by matching SU-8 and polydimethylsiloxane layers
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Age-related changes in pancreatic elasticity: When should we be concerned about their effect on strain elastography?
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Transient 3D elastodynamic field in an embedded multilayered anisotropic plate
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Effects of maximum aggregate size on UPV of brick aggregate concrete
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Monte Carlo uncertainty assessment of ultrasonic beam parameters from immersion transducers used to non-destructive testing
A framework for simulating ultrasound imaging based on first order nonlinear pressure–velocity relations
Spatial–temporal three-dimensional ultrasound plane-by-plane active cavitation mapping for high-intensity focused ultrasound in free field and pulsatile flow
USMB-induced synergistic enhancement of aminoglycoside antibiotics in biofilms
Corrigendum to “SH ultrasonic guided waves for the evaluation of interfacial adhesion” [Ultrasonics 54 (2014) 1760–1775],
Ultrasonic probing of cohesive granular media at very low consolidation
Zero-frequency and slow elastic modes in phononic monolayer granular membranes
Ultrasonic propagation in finite-length granular chains
Evaluation of crack parameters by a nonlinear frequency-mixing laser ultrasonics method
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Experimental study and finite element analysis based on equivalent load method for laser ultrasonic measurement of elastic constants
Numerical simulation of damage detection using laser-generated ultrasound
Picosecond laser ultrasonics for imaging of transparent polycrystalline materials compressed to megabar pressures
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Directivity patterns of laser-generated sound in solids: Effects of optical and thermal parameters