Acoustic radiation force and torque exerted on a small viscoelastic particle in an ideal fluid
MRI-compatible bone phantom for evaluating ultrasonic thermal exposures
Measurement of corneal tangent modulus using ultrasound indentation
A Volterra series-based method for extracting target echoes in the seafloor mining environment
Semi-continuous ultrasonic sounding and changes of ultrasonic signal characteristics as a sensitive tool for the evaluation of ongoing microstructural changes of experimental mortar bars tested for their ASR potential
Spatial averaging effects of hydrophone on field characterization of planar transducer using Fresnel approximation
Trapped modes in an infinite or semi-infinite tube with a local enlargement
Tunable Lamb wave band gaps in two-dimensional magnetoelastic phononic crystal slabs by an applied external magnetostatic field
Analyzing modal behavior of guided waves using high order eigenvalue derivatives
Guided wave propagation in a honeycomb composite sandwich structure in presence of a high density core
Reflection at a liquid–solid interface of a transient ultrasonic field radiated by a linear phased array transducer
Level repulsion of GHz phononic surface waves in quartz substrate with finite-depth holes
Damage localization in composite structures with smoothly varying thickness based on the fundamental antisymmetric adiabatic wave mode
Ultrasound temporal-spatial phase-interference in complex composite media; a comparison of experimental measurement and simulation prediction
Evaluation of healthy muscle tissue by strain and shear wave elastography – Dependency on depth and ROI position in relation to underlying bone
Design and performance analysis of a rotary traveling wave ultrasonic motor with double vibrators
Mode & mechanism of low intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS) in fracture repair
Numerical and experimental evaluation of continuous ultrasonic sludge treatment system
Capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducers based on annular cell geometry for air-coupled applications
Full Angle Spatial Compound of ARFI images for breast cancer detection
Band gap in tubular pillar phononic crystal plate
Planar modes free piezoelectric resonators using a phononic crystal with holes
A noninvasive ultrasound elastography technique for measuring surface waves on the lung
Analysis of contributions of nonlinear material constants to temperature-induced velocity shifts of quartz surface acoustic wave resonators
A two-dimensional model on the coupling thickness-shear vibrations of a quartz crystal resonator loaded by an array spherical-cap viscoelastic material units
Methodology for determining material constants of anisotropic materials belonging to the transversely isotropic system by ultrasound method
The design and experiment of a novel ultrasonic motor based on the combination of bending modes
Survey of advanced nuclear technologies for potential applications of sonoprocessing
Wave mode extraction from multimodal wave signals in an orthotropic composite plate
Optimization of contrast resolution by genetic algorithm in ultrasound tissue harmonic imaging
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A new approach involving a multi transducer ultrasonic system for cleaning turbine engines' oil filters under practical conditions
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Atomic force acoustic microscopy: Influence of the lateral contact stiffness on the elastic measurements
On the existence of guided acoustic waves at rectangular anisotropic edges
Evaluation of multiple-channel OFDM based airborne ultrasonic communications
Editorial Introduction to the 19th World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing (WCNDT-2016)