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Sonography for an Imperforate Anus : Approach, Timing of the Examination, and Evaluation of the Type of Imperforate Anus and Associated Anomalies
Application of Ultrasound Elastography for Chronic Allograft Dysfunction in Kidney Transplantation
Challenges and Considerations When Using Shear Wave Elastography to Evaluate the Transplanted Kidney, With Pictorial Review
Diagnostic Value of Virtual Touch Tissue Imaging Quantification for Evaluating Median Nerve Stiffness in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Common Carotid Artery Sonography Versus Transthoracic Echocardiography for Cardiac Output Measurements in Intensive Care Unit Patients
Early Diagnosis of Bladder Exstrophy : Quantitative Assessment of a Low‐Inserted Umbilical Cord
A Retrospective Study of Cytogenetic Results From Amniotic Fluid in 5328 Fetuses With Abnormal Obstetric Sonographic Findings
Contrast‐Enhanced Ultrasound Classification of Previously Indeterminate Renal Lesions
Quantitative Analysis of Hepatic Toxicity in Rats Induced by Inhalable Silica Nanoparticles Using Acoustic Radiation Force Imaging
Pair Scanning : Integrating the Student Sonographer Without Impacting Patient Care
Body Mass Normalization for Lateral Abdominal Muscle Thickness Measurements in Adolescent Athletes
Spectrums and Outcomes of Adnexal Torsion at Different Ages
Qualitative Slow Blood Flow in Lower Extremity Deep Veins on Doppler Sonography : Quantitative Assessment and Preliminary Evaluation of Correlation With Subsequent Deep Venous Thrombosis Development in a Tertiary Care Oncology Center
Addition of Color Doppler Sonography for Detection of Amniotic Fluid Disturbances and Its Implications on Perinatal Outcomes
Histological Grade and Immunohistochemical Biomarkers of Breast Cancer : Correlation to Ultrasound Features
Sensitivity of 3‐Dimensional Sonography in Preoperative Evaluation of Parathyroid Glands in Patients With Primary Hyperparathyroidism
Sonography of Dermatologic Emergencies
Sonovaginography : A Useful Technique in the Assessment of the Lower Genital Tract
Prenatal Sonographic Abnormal Appearances of the Fetal Hyaloid Artery : From Normal Variants to Pathology
Intravenous and Intracavitary Use of Contrast‐Enhanced Ultrasound in the Evaluation and Management of Complicated Pediatric Pneumonia
Lymph Vessel Thrombus Detection in Cervical Lymphedema : A Case Series
Progressive Fetal Subdural Hematoma Associated With Maternal Vitamin K Deficiency : Prenatal Diagnosis and Neurologically Favorable Prognosis
Prenatal Diagnosis of Ambiguous Genitalia by 3‐Dimensional Ultrasonography Using the Crystal Vue Technique
Early First‐Trimester Transvaginal Sonographic Diagnosis of Maternal Ureterocele
A Case of a Chorionic Bump : New Sonographic‐Histopathologic Findings With Review of the Literature