Controversies in cleft lip and palate management
Fetal cleft lip and palate
The accuracy of antenatal ultrasound in the detection of facial clefts in a low-risk screening population
Outcome of fetal talipes following in utero sonographic diagnosis
Multicenter screening for pre-eclampsia and fetal growth restriction by transvaginal uterine artery Doppler at 23 weeks of gestation
Maternal diastolic function in asymptomatic pregnant women with bilateral notching of the uterine artery waveform at 24 weeks' gestation
Repeatability of measurement of uterine artery pulsatility index using transvaginal color Doppler
Maternal left ventricular mass and diastolic function during pregnancy
Maternal left ventricular transverse and long-axis systolic function during pregnancy
Comparison between two- and three-dimensional ultrasound measurements of nuchal translucency
Measurement of fetal nuchal translucency thickness by three-dimensional ultrasound
A prospective longitudinal study of growth velocity in twin pregnancy
Crown–rump lengths in missed miscarriages and trisomy 21
Ultrasonic evaluation of the uterus and uterine cavity after normal, vaginal delivery
Rebleeding and endometrial growth in women with postmenopausal bleeding and endometrial thickness < 5 mm managed by dilatation and curettage or ultrasound follow-up
Doppler study of arterial and venous intraovarian blood flow in stimulated cycles
Ultrasound in the quantification of female pelvic organ prolapse
Color Doppler sonography of the lateral thoracic (breast-feeding) arteries
Ultrasound-guided mammotome vacuum biopsy for the diagnosis of impalpable breast lesions
Assessment of Fallopian tube patency by HyCoSy
Prenatal diagnosis of fetal tail and postabortum anatomical description
Early sonographic detection of a ‘human tail’
Prenatal diagnosis of a fetus with lumbar myelocystocele
In utero ultrasound detection of a large fetal sarcoma of the back
Course and outcome of a pregnancy with a giant fetal cervical teratoma diagnosed prenatally
Re: Ductus venosus blood velocity in myeloproliferative disorders
Ultrasound diagnosis of a pregnancy in a Cesarean section scar
Diagnosis of an unusual form of iniencephaly in the first trimester of pregnancy
Lymphangiectasis with iniencephaly
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