Ultrasound and left-handedness
The role of ultrasound scanning on the labor ward
Uterine and fetal cerebral Doppler predict the outcome of third-trimester small-for-gestational age fetuses with normal umbilical artery Doppler
Can the degree of retrograde diastolic flow in abnormal umbilical artery flow velocity waveforms predict pregnancy outcome?
First-trimester umbilical cord diameter
First-trimester placental volume as a marker for chromosomal anomalies
Short-term safety of celocentesis for the mother and the fetus
Prenatal detection of ductal-dependent congenital heart disease
The ‘tulip sign’
Transvaginal sonography of the uterine cervix prior to labor induction
Intrapartum fetal head position I
Intrapartum fetal head position II
A new guidance system for freehand, obstetric ultrasound-guided procedures
Teaching ultrasound-guided invasive procedures in fetal medicine
Down–up sequential separation of the placenta
Reproducibility of three-dimensional ultrasound endometrial volume measurements in patients with postmenopausal bleeding
First-trimester diagnosis of fetal hepatic cyst
Sonographic diagnosis of spina bifida at 12 weeks
Intrauterine death of one twin, with rescue of the other, in twin–twin transfusion syndrome
Cervical ectopic pregnancy
Transvaginal sonographic examination of the cervix in asymptomatic pregnant women
The association of spinal muscular atrophy type II and increased nuchal translucency
Occlusion of umbilical artery using a Guglielmi detachable coil for the treatment of TRAP sequence
The ‘tulip sign’
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