Devastation and relief
First-trimester fetal echocardiography
How successful is fetal echocardiographic examination in the first trimester of pregnancy?
Cardiac malformations in first-trimester fetuses with increased nuchal translucency
Fetal cardiac abnormalities identified prior to 14 weeks' gestation
Ultrasound evaluation of aortic valve anatomy in the fetus
Cardiac ventricular performance in the appropriate-for-gestational age and small-for-gestational age fetus
Reference values for ductus venosus Doppler flow measurements at 10–14 weeks of gestation
Fetal ovarian cysts
A normal second-trimester ultrasound does not exclude intracranial structural pathology
Prediction of fetal weight by ultrasound
Is there a relationship between fetal weight and amniotic fluid index?
Sonographic features of phyllodes tumors of the breast
Increased nuchal translucency and pathological ductus venosus flow
Prenatal diagnosis of ventriculocoronary arterial fistula in a fetus with hypoplastic left heart syndrome and aortic atresia
Monozygotic twins discordant for body stalk anomaly
Harlequin fetus
Hereditary subependymal heterotopia associated with mega cisterna magna
Antenatal diagnosis of placenta percreta with planned in situ retention and methotrexate therapy in a woman infected with HIV
Prenatal diagnosis of acrania associated with facial defects, amniotic bands and limb–body wall complex
Coiling of the ovarian vessels
Prenatal sonographic detection of a giant multiseptate hepatic cyst in the third trimester
Prenatal sonographic appearance of congenital axillary fibrosarcoma with intrathoracic invasion
Re: Fetal aortic isthmus growth and morphology in late gestation
Ultrasound and adverse effects
Prenatal screening for Down syndrome
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