Mild ventriculomegaly – has the prognosis of isolated ventriculomegaly changed?
Can we identify perinatal brain injury in utero
The fetal neurology clinic. A multidisciplinary approach for the assessment of the fetus with suspected nervous system pathology
Fetal cerebral abnormalities
Magnetic resonance imaging should be an integral part of the evaluation of isolated mild ventriculomegaly
Magnetic resonance imaging of the fetus with spina bifida
Posterior fossa pathology
Assessment of intrauterine brain maturation using Diffusion Weighted Imaging
Chromosomal abnormalities in fetuses with open neural tube defects
Prenatal diagnosis of corpus callosum agenesis using magnetic resonance imaging
What do you do when you cannot see a pregnancy with ultrasound? The management of pregnancies of unknown location
The conservative management of first trimester miscarriages and the use of sonography for patients' selection
Can we safely adopt a single visit approach to the management of pregnancies of unknown location?
Clinical significance of Subchorionic Haematoma in the first trimester of pregnancy
Should complete miscarriages be followed up with serum human chorionic gonadotrophin levels?
The Efficacy of ultrasound-based protocol for the diagnosis of tubal ectopic pregnancy
Is the discriminatory zone an outdated concept?
Is “First glance” abnormal nuchal translucency an indication for invasive testing? A prospective evaluation of 9941 women referred for early Down syndrome screening by NT measurement
Quality control in the measurement of nuchal translucency in the first trimester of pregnancy
The congenital nature of vascular malformations
Diagnosis and prognosis of ischemic and hemorrhagic lesions of the fetal brain
Fetal neurosonography in severe RH alloimmunization
Detection of all stages of fetal cerebral injury in case of in utero growth restricted fetuses with severe pathological Doppler values and in fetuses with premature rupture of membranes
How early are fetal cerebral sulci visible and when can lissencephaly be suspected?
What do clinicians know about the safety aspects of ultrasound?
Acoustic output as measured by mechanical and thermal indices during routine obstetrical ultrasound
Are ultrasound guided invasive procedures safe?
Human chorionic gonadotropin and transvaginal sonographic findings in monitoring ectopic pregnancy treated with methotrexate
Absent nasal bone at 11–14 weeks of gestation and chromosomal defects
Increased Nuchal Translucency with normal karyotype
Five years experience of screening for chromosomal anomalies in a 1st trimester OSCAR clinic
Down syndrome screening in an unselected population with nuchal translucency and maternal serum markers at 11 + 0 − 13 + 6 weeks
Outcome of foetuses with enlarged nuchal translucency in the first trimester. Results from the “Copenhagen first trimester study”
Does ductus venosus blood flow assessment in addition to nuchal translucency measurements offer an improved screening of abnormal fetal karyotype?
The use of nuchal translucency screening in women of 36 years and older
Nuchal translucency-screening using 2D and 3D ultrasound
First trimester screening for fetal anomalies using ultrasonography in an unselected population. Results from “The Copenhagen First Trimester Study”
The diagnostic value of early malformation scan at 11 to 13 weeks
“Perruche case” under arrest. Implications for obstetric ultrasound medical practice
Comparative performance of transvaginal sonography (TVS) alone and TVS with saline infusion sonohysterography (SIS) in the evaluation of symptomatic and asymptomatic endometrial polyps
2D and 3D transvaginal sonohysterography for the assessment of submucosal myomas grading
Correlation of ultrasound soft markers and biochemical markers in the second trimester of pregnancy
Combined first and second trimester ultrasonic and serological screening for Down's syndrome – including an evaluation of ProMBP as a marker
Characteristics of Down's syndrome screening tests and the extent to which women will trade different attributes
Karyotyping of fetuses with isolated choroid plexus cyst or with associated minor marker is not justified in a low-risk population
The relationship between the severity of maternal obesity and fetal structural anomalies
A single-centre review of antenatally diagnosed fetal echogenic kidneys
Fetal hyperechogenic kidneys
Outcome of prenatally diagnosed bladder dilatation
Abnormalities of the fetal leg
Poor outcome of fetuses with omphaloceles
Negative predictive value of transvaginal ultrasound in women with chronic pelvic pain. Can we reduce the number of laparoscopies?
Laparoscopic surgery for endometriosis
The characterisation of pelvic adhesions and peritoneal inclusion cysts
Patient history and ultrasound findings
Sonographic evaluation of residual functioning ovarian tissue after laparoscopic removal of endometriomas
Can transvaginal ultrasound detect and localize endometriosis in women with chronic pelvic pain?
Transvaginal sonography of extraovarian endometriosis
3D fetal neuroscan
Fetal magnetic resonance imaging can visualize evolving periventricular leukomalacia
Fetal ventriculomegaly
Uteroplacental disease, impaired fetal growth and placental hemodynamics
Fetal origin of adult disease in view of the antenatal ultrasound studies
Screening efficiency of antepartum detection of macrosomia including abdominal circumference percentile, fetal fat layer and cardiac interventricular septum thickness
Three-dimensional ultrasound fetal volume measurement
A growth-velocity based model for diagnosis of Intrauterine Growth Restriction
Fetal growth potential (FGP)
Correlation between fetal growth and maternal total peripheral resistance
Vascular function and blood pressure in adolescent girls born preterm
Fetal blood flow changes in an ovine model of placental insufficiency
Sonographic estimation of fetal weight in term pregnancies prior to induction of labour
The ultrasound based “one stop” approach to the management of infertility
Doppler and 3D ultrasound in infertility – do they alter the outcome for the patient?
In-vitro maturation of oocytes
Predictive value of endometrial volume on uterine receptivity in an IVF programme
Quantifying the effect of Viagra on endometrial blood flow with three-dimensional power Doppler angiography
Acute efficacy of a sublingual dose of nifedipine on uterine arterial blood flow in premature menopausal women
Spontaneous uterine contractions involving sub endometrial myometrium influence endometrial perfusion and – uterine receptivity
Evaluation of hysterosonography performed with the use of a Specially designed catheter. Report of 283 cases
Uterine contractility throughout ART cycles
Video demonstration
Outcome of trichorionic triplet pregnancies at 10–14 weeks after embryo reduction compared to expectant management
Fetal reduction for social indications in twin pregnancies
Termination of pregnancy for fetal tumors
Fetal MRI and CMV infection
Severe intrauterine growth retardation in a monochorionic twin at 28 weeks. Is fetocide justified versus extreme prematurity?
The detection of endometrial polyps, the contribution of hysterosonography and colour Doppler
Assessment and embolization of uterine fibroids
Laparoscopic cryomyolysis
Integrated uterine diagnosis activity
Endometrial guided biopsy during sonohysterography and during hysteroscopy
Ultrasound biometry and customised fetal growth assessment
Fractional limb volume
Fetal growth restriction
Combining Doppler and biophysical assessment improves prediction of critical perinatal outcomes in growth restricted fetuses (IUGR)
Contribution of the ductal flow in determining cardiac output in normal and FT human fetuses
Long term outcome of the compromised fetus
Umbilical Doppler, IUGR and neonatal mortality and morbidity
Course and outcome of 60 fetuses with ARED-Flow between 24 and 34 weeks' gestation compared to a matched control group
Maternal heart is the key to differentiate small for gestational age from intrauterine growth restriction
Venous Doppler in the prediction of acid base status at birth – Which vessel, which parameter?
The value of detection of normal ovarian tissue in the differential diagnosis of ovarian cysts
Mathematical models to evaluate ovarian masses – can they beat an expert operator?
Laparoscopy is the key to the characterisation of ovarian pathology
Contrast-enhanced sonography in the discrimination of benign and malignant adnexal masses
Should we screen for ovarian pathology in the first trimester?
Artificial Neural Networks vs. Risk of Malignancy Indices in predicting ovarian cancer
Non-invasive tissue characterisation using a new technique – “HistoScanning” – a Preliminary report on characterization of ovarian masses
Dermoid ovarian cysts
Lower abdomen cystic masses diagnosed in female infants in fetoneonatal period
Volume flow in perinatal Doppler
Venous pulsation
Comparison of fetal umbilical and cerebral Doppler measurements and placental-cerebral ratio in diabetic and non-diabetic pregnancies at term
Computer analysis of three-dimensional power angiography images of fetal cerebral, lung and placental circulation in normal and high-risk pregnancy
Doppler velocimetry for predicting outcome of pregnancies with decreased fetal movements
Quantitative fetal umbilical venous volume flow
Natriuretic peptide levels in IUGR fetuses with absent and reversed enddiastolic flow of the umbilical artery in relation to ductus venosus flow velocities
Correlation between Doppler flow velocity waveform index of resistance and color Doppler vessel counts in the fetal placenta in normal and complicated pregnancy
Fetal blood flow distribution to the placenta
Vascular malformations of the uterus, the use of ultrasound diagnosis and treatment options
The pre-operative assessment (including MRI) And surgical approach to uterine abnormalities
Rudimentary horn pregnancy
Ultrasonographic diagnosis of uterine arteriovenous malformations
Chair overview
Ultrasound and the management of women with postmenopausal bleeding
Long-term follow-up for women with postmenopausal bleeding who have normal ultrasound scans–is ultrasound alone sufficient to manage these patients?
The impact of HRT on endometrial thickness – do cut-off values exist?
Real time endovaginal sonographic guidance of intrauterine procedures
Cervical cerclage in low vs high risk patients
Interobserver and intraobserver variability in ultrasound measurement of lower uterine segment after a previous cesarean section
Early and latest sonographic follow up of uterus after cesarean section with open and closed visceral peritoneum
Cervical length and relaxin as predictors of preterm birth
Transvaginal ultrasound of the cervix as an alternative to digital examination prior to induction of labour
Grey scale and Color Doppler sonography in the abnormal third stage of labour
Ultrasound Cervical Ripening (UCR) – a new classification of cervical ripening at term
Acute centralization of blood flow in compromised human fetuses evoked by uterine contractions
Is the estimated fetal weight a good predictor of success for external cephalic version?
The chance finding of a simple ovarian cyst, what should we do with them?
Ultrasound should not be used to assess the ovaries or endometrium of asymptomatic women
Reducing surgical intervention with transvaginal ultrasound
Transvaginal ultrasonography accompanied with conventional uterine cervical cancer screening
Antiperistalsis in the anal canal is a contributor to anal continence
Long term effects of Raloxifene on the ovary and uterus in pre-menopausal women at high risk for developing breast cancer
Crux of the heart in fetuses
Recognition of cardiac disproportion at routine obstetric screening improves detection of serious anomalies
3D-Power Doppler echocardiography
Prediction of pulmonary hypoplasia with ultrasound
Prediction of pulmonary hypoplasia with MRI
Prediction of fetal anaemia in the survivor in cases with intrauterine death of one monochorionic twin
MRI of fetal gastrointestinal tract
Fetal distal pulmonary artery blood flow as a predictor of pulmonary hypoplasia in congenital diaphragmatic hernia
Uterine cervical length to reduce length of stay in patients admitted because of preterm labor. Prospective and randomized trial. Preliminary results
Scanning the female pelvis
Transvaginal ultrasound and voiding disorders after TVT procedure
Perineal ultrasound and vaginal squeeze pressure in the assessment of the pelvic floor muscles in continent and incontinent nulliparous women
Functional anatomy of the anal canal evaluated with 3D ultrasound and manometry
Endosonographic anal sphincter defect classification after primary repair of obstetric sphincter tears
Screening for congenital heart disease
Invasive fetal cardiac therapy in congenital heart disease–possible benefits & current shortcomings
Fetal cardiac interventions
Four-dimensional fetal echocardiography with Spatio Temporal Image Correlation (STIC™)
Clinical application of real-time three-dimensional ultrasound to the fetal heart
Potential of off-line 4D fetal echocardiography using new acquisition and rendering technique (STIC = Spatio Temporal Image Correlation)
New wide band Doppler technology; Dynamic Flow, its efficacy in fetal vascular imaging
Free-hand three dimensional ultrasound software for fetal heart scanning
Assessment of Wall Shear Stress in the fetal descending aorta using color Doppler derived flow velocity profiling
Application of three-dimensional ultrasonography in the evaluation of fetal heart ventricle volumes and ejection fraction
4D-STIC (spatio-temporal image correlation) fetal echocardiography
Should all emergency gynecology patients have an ultrasound scan?
The diagnosis and ultrasound based management of tubo-ovarian abscess
The transvaginal ultrasound based acute gynaecology unit
The value of serum biochemistry in the expectant management of incomplete miscarriage
Transvaginal ultrasound findings in women with moderate to severe pelvic inflammatory disease
Should an ectopic pregnancy always be diagnosed using transvaginal ultrasonography in the first trimester prior to surgery?
Factors influencing success of conservative treatment of interstitial pregnancy
Prediction of IUGR/pre-eclampsia
Uterine artery velocimetry as a screening test in patients with previous preeclampsia
Doppler sonography of uterine arteries at 20–23 weeks–experience of 10 years
Longitudinal variation of uterine artery waveforms and birthweight
Carotid artery blood volume flow and elevated blood pressure in high-risk pregnancy
Placental Doppler velocimetry in pregnancies complicated by pre-gestation diabetes mellitus
Sonographic atypical vascular coiling of the umbilical cord
Assessment of adverse perinatal outcome using transvaginal uterine artery doppler between 22 to 25 week's gestation in an unselected chilean population
In utero therapy for congenital diaphragmatic hernia
Oral communications abstracts
Treatment of fetal chylothorax with intrapleural injections of OK-432 (Picibanil)
Feto-amniotic shunting
Early diagnosis of fetal congenital heart disease in a high risk population
Ultrasound screening for severe heart malformation in early pregnancy. A prospective study of 9917 fetuses in a low risk population
Fetal Echocardiography between 11 + 0 and 13 + 6 weeks as standard procedure in early fetal screening
Evaluation of 36 fetuses with hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS) and comparison between classical and modified Norwood procedure
Relationship between placental blood flow resistance and precordial venous Doppler indices
Cardiac output and fetal body mass in normal human pregnancies
Changes in distribution of cardiac output in human macrosomic fetuses
Fetal diabetic cardiomyopathy is a misnomer
Importance of chorionicity
Selective fetocide in monochorionic twins
First trimester intertwin size discordance
Diagnosis of chorionicity at 10–19 weeks by 2D and 3D–4D scan
Combined screening for Down's syndrome in 221 twin pregnancies from the copenhagen first trimester study
Fetal congenital heart disease in multiple pregnancy. The diagnostic performance of fetal echocardiography in a series of 248 cases
Abnormal DV blood flow in the first trimester and detection of complications in monochorionic twins
Doppler detection of arterio-arterial anastomosis predicts survival outcome independent of Quintero stage in TTTS
Intra-amniotic Doppler assessment of blood flow of individual placental vascular anastomoses in twin-twin transfusion syndrome
Ultrasound evaluation of twin pregnancies at the referral center
The use of ultrasound to assess the recurrence of pelvic malignancy
Screening for familial ovarian cancer – a 10 year observational study
Suspicious ultrasonographic and power flow Doppler imaging for leiomyosarcoma of the uterus
Evaluation clinical results of ultrasound-guided aspiration and coagulation therapy for pelvic cysts by ethanol in short time
Predicting adnexal malignancy
The clinical significance of Persistence of Right Umbilical Vein
Invasive and non-invasive prenatal diagnosis in pregnancies following assisted reproduction techniques
Treatment of twin-to-twin-transfusion syndrome. The end of a long-standing misunderstanding
Neurodevelopmental outcome after intrauterine laser coagulation of vascular anastomoses in severe twin-twin transfusion syndrome
Is discordant fetal growth in monochorionic multiple gestations a surgical condition?
Perinatal outcome in monochorionic pregnancies complicated by moderate mid-trimester twin-twin transfusion syndrome
Transvaginal sonography of the cervix in different maternal positions to predict spontaneous preterm birth in multiple compared to singleton pregnancy
Is transvaginal sonography more accurate than manual examination in the prediction of spontaneous birth before 34 weeks in twin pregnancies?
Is cervical length before and after an invasive treatment of twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (laser or amniodrainage) predictive of miscarriage or premature labor?
Umbilical-cord occlusion of the donor versus recipient fetus in twin-twin transfusion syndrome
Fetoscopic laser-therapy in twin-twin-transfusion-syndrome. Experience with the KTP-laser-technique
Impact of prenatal diagnosis on perinatal care of transposition of the great arteries
Coarctation of the aorta
Characteristics and outcome of absent pulmonary valve syndrome in the fetus. A series of 14 cases
Dynamics of the flap valve of the foramen ovale in the fetus and false positive diagnosis of coarctation of the aorta
Fetal cardiosplenic syndromes (isomerism)–how alerting is the heart and stomach position on ultrasonography?
Characteristics and outcome of aortic coarctation diagnosed prenatally. A series of 68 cases
Non invasive assessment of fetal pulmonary blood flow in a model of pulmonary hypertension
Ovarian cysts in young women–the predictive value of ultrasound for dermoids and endometriomas and managing cysts in early pregnancy
Colour Doppler and morphological assessment of ovarian masses
Low malignant potential ovarian tumors
Sonographic prediction of malignancy in tumors of suspected ovarian origin with the use of artificial neural networks
Symmetrical and asymmetrical ventriculomegaly of the fetal brain–what is the role of Magnetic Resonance Imaging?
Combined ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging approach in the antenatal diagnosis of arachnoid cysts
3D and MRI embryo development
Fetal MRI of the CNS
Ultrasonographic indicators in predicting postnatal outcomes of antenatally detected ventriculomegaly
Multiplanar ultrasound in the trans-abdominal examination of physiological and pathological aqueduct of Silvius
Fetal borderline ventriculomegaly and mild enlargement of subarachnoid spaces
Multiplanar ultrasound in the trans-abdominal examination of the middle cranial fossa anomalies
Corpus callosum or not corpus callosum? Lobar holoprosencephaly associated with a mimicking corpus callosum
Hydranencephaly combined with bilateral multicystic renal dysplasia
Poster abstracts
Prenatal 3D color-Doppler angiography is superior to MRI in the evaluation of arteriovenous malformation of vein of Galen
Fetal brain blood flow assessment
Prenatal features of 8 cases with postnatal findings of intracranial haemorrhage
Fetal neurological evaluation
Prenatal ultrasonographic sequence “Persistent Hyperplastic Primary Vitreous-retinal detachment” in a Walker Warburg syndrome
Bilateral uterine artery Doppler during the first trimester scan
Biochemical markers and uterine artery Doppler as predictors of complicated pregnancies
Maternal haematological parameters and uterine artery bloodflow
Uterine artery diastolic notch in high-risk pregnancy
Second trimester uterine artery Dopplers and preterm delivery
Analysis of uterine blood flow in pregnancy using an ultrasound contrast medium
Nuchal anomalies with normal karyotype
The correlation between early pregnancy ultrasound measurements and fetal nuchal translucency
Screening for fetal trisomies by fetal nuchal translucency thickness at 10–14 weeks of gestation
Comparing the first trimester and second trimester screening programmes for the screening of Down's Syndrome
Correlation between nuchal translucency and ductus venosus flow at 13–14 weeks scan
Association of increased nuchal translucency and ductus venosous assessment between 11 to 14 weeks of gestation
Application of ductus venosus Doppler velocimetry for the detection of Down syndrome
Nuchal Translucency – A multiracial experience in Singapore General Hospital
Nuchal translucency screening program result in a Chilean center
Implementation of nuchal translucency screening in the detection of major congenital structural defects and chromosomal abnormalities in a Chilean population
Nuchal translucency measurement screening for aneuploidy at 11–14 weeks – first experiences from Turku, Finland Feto-maternal ultrasound unit of Turku Health Center and prenatal outpatient department of Turku City Hospital
Screening for chromosomal abnormalities using 2D and 3D ultrasound
Adjustment of cut-off levels in first trimester screening test for trisomy 21
Fetal cardiac defects and increased nuchal translucency thickness
Nuchal translucency image audit
Ultrasound reference ranges for fetal nasal bone in a Chilean population
The nasal bone in fetuses with trisomy 21
There is an absence of the nasal bone in every normal fetus in the early pregnancy
Nasal bone length as a marker of Down syndrome
Nasal bone visualization
Multiplanar imaging of the nasal bone at 11–14 weeks
Intra and inter observer variability in nasal bones assessment at 11–14 weeks
Fetal heart rate in 67 chromosomal abnormalities at 10–17 weeks' gestation
Yolk sac parameters in very early pregnancy
Early prenatal diagnosis and autopsy findings in oculoauriculofrontonasal syndrome using 3D ultrasound
Early prenatal diagnosis of isolated unilateral pulmonary agenesis
Look beyond crown rump length
Limb-Body-Wall complex (LBWC)
First-trimester determination of fetal gender by ultrasound
Anatomical and functional embryo-fetal survey using 2D and 3D-4D ultrasound scan in the first trimester
Impact of the measurement of nuchal translucency in the screening of fetal cardiac malformation
Can a selective use of amniocentesis replace the routine for advanced maternal age?
The impact of first trimester screening on trends in termination for chromosome abnormalities
Women's opinion on nuchal translucency screening for Down's syndrome
Has introduction of first trimester serum screening made any difference?
Fetal gender determination by first trimester sonography
Incidence of uncoiled umbilical cords in trisomy 21 fetuses at 10–15 weeks of gestation
Pregnancy outcome and follow-up in fetuses with increased first trimester nuchal translucency
Medical feeling and behaviour during patients information in fetal ultrasonography practice
Prenatal sonographic diagnosis of hemivertebra
Modelling fetal nuchal-translucency in the first trimester of pregnancy
Antenatal surveillance of fetal abnormalities – the importance of a population based Birth Defect Registry
An audit of fetal anomalies detected by ultrasound
Antenatally diagnosed malformations in a Perinatology Unit and their impact on perinatal mortality
Improved obstetrical care results from routine second trimester ultrasound
A prospective study of women's expectations and knowledge of the mid-trimester anomaly ultrasound scan
Knowledge and perception of women about ultrasound scanning and prenatal diagnosis during pregnancy
Prenatal diagnosis of echogenic cardiac foci
Prenatal sonographic measurement of the fetal iliac angle in trisomy 21, 18 and 13
Examination of fetal nasal bone in the mid-second trimester in the Chinese population – Preliminary results
Umbilical venous volume flow and fetal behavioural states in the normally developing fetus
The genetic sonogram
A negative second trimester triple test with elevated hCG levels may need second-trimester genetic sonography
Focal limb anomalies in Fetuses; prenatal sonographic diagnosis with pathologic correlation
Application of three-dimensional (3D) ultrasonography in the assessment of fetal stomach volume
Absence of right umbilical artery is associated with malformations of the gastrointestinal tract
Prenatal sonographic diagnosis of omphalocele
Gastrointestinal abnormalities in fetuses with echogenic bowel detected during the antenatal period
Amniotic fluid cytokine (interleukin IL-6, IL-8, IL-10, tumour necrosis factor-α and interferon-γ) profile in normal and fetal echogenic bowel (FEB) pregnancies
Three-dimensional ultrasound assessment of fetal face
Natural history of antenatally-detected pyelectasis in unselected Korean population
Prenatal sonographic findings and postnatal follow-up of fetuses with an empty renal fossa and normal amniotic fluid volume during prenatal ultrasound
Color Doppler analysis of renal arterial hemodynamics in fetuses with renal disease-confirmation of blood flow changes specific to the renal artery and its diagnostic significance
Incidental third trimester antenatal ultrasound scan
Results of prenatally diagnosed cases of urinary system anomalies in a perinatology unit
Mild renal pyelectasis in the second trimester; determination of cut-of levels for postnatal referral
Neonatal renal ultrasound
Prenatal diagnosis of lung sequestration by three-dimensional angiosonography
Volume contrast imaging
Three-dimensional sonographic assessment of different aspects of normal fetal craniofacial development during the second half of pregnancy
Stereoscopic evaluation of fetal cranial structures
The impact of new guidelines on detecting facial clefts at the routine anomaly scan
Improving sonographers' awareness of facial clefting
Palate pathology diagnosed in fetus
Three-dimensional angiosonographic presentation of aneurysm of the vein of Galen
Fetal skull base biometry in cranial anomalies
Health technologyl assessment of routine ultrasound scanning in pregnancy – a unique challenge?
Ultrasonic fetal and placental tissue characterisation and the role of Doppler ultrasound in lung maturity
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and ultrasound in fetal diagnosis
Magnetic resonance imaging in prenatal diagnosis
In utero Magnetic Resonance imaging in cases of ultrasound diagnosed isolated ventriculomegaly
Value of MR imaging in the prenatal diagnosis of clastic cerebellar lesions
Value of fetal magnetic resonance imaging in thoracal and abdominal malformations in prenatal diagnosis
A comparison of ultrasound and magnetic resonance in fetuses with complex anomalies
Abnormal umbilical, portal and hepatic venos system-its correlation to associated malformation, congestive heart failure, liver dysfunction and fetal outcome
Ultrasonographic diagnosis of Jarcho-Levin syndrome at 20 weeks' gestation in a without previous family history. A case report
Cervical pregnancy with levonorgestrel containing intrauterine contraceptive device, treated successfully with a sequential combination of methotrexate and mifepristone
Ectopic pregnancy on a previous cesarean section scar
Medical treatment of ectopic pregnancy
Value of routine transvaginal ultrasound scans in women requesting early termination of pregnancy
Vascular resistance of uterine arteries in non-pregnant women
Transvaginal sonohysterography for the assessment of postpartum residual trophoblastic tissue
Transvaginal ultrasound scan reports in diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy
Transvaginal Color Doppler (TVCD) in evaluation of patients with positive Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) test (in excluded intrauterine pregnancy)
Bilateral vital tubal ectopic pregnancy detected by color Doppler transvaginal ultrasonography
Is the use of prophylactic antibiotics required in women being managed expectantly with incomplete miscarriage?
Can serum hormonal levels predict ectopic pregnancies
Myometrial ectopic pregnancy of posterior uterine body diagnosed by 3D ultrasound
Six cases of cervical pregnancy and a literature review
3D Volume measurement of chorionic and amniotic cavity in Ist trimester of pregnancy
Transvaginal Colour Doppler (TVCD) of patients with pelvic congestion syndrome (PCS)
Transvaginal ultrasound based soft markers
Comparison of bone mineral density differences in oligo/amenorrhoeic adolescents with ultrasound and hormonal features of polycystic ovaries and normal ovaries
Post-ovulatory endometrial blood flow
Endometrial Ischaemia – an overlooked cause of female infertility?
Endometrium after hyperbaric oxygenation
Diagnostic value of saline contrast sonohysterography in the preoperative assessment of benign intrauterine lesions
Value of transvaginal ultrasonography in evaluation of endometrial polyps
Contribution of histerosonography to diagnostic of abnormal uterine bleeding
Study to evaluate the diagnostic accuracy of transvaginal ultrasound scanning in the detection of endometrial polyps
Comparison of saline infusion sonography with diagnostic hysteroscopy for the evaluation of the uterine cavity in patients with abnormal uterine bleeding
Sonohysterography and endometrial sampling in the pre-operative assessment of submucous myomas
Ultrasonographic findings of endometrial polyp
Post laparoscopic myomectomy scar
Sonographically versus hysteroscopically guided endometrial biopsies
Morphologic score and CA-125, sICAM-1, TNFα receptors p55 and p75 estimation in suspicious ovarian masses
Comparison of a new scoring system to differentiate benign from malignant adnexal masses with a simplified subjective approach based on color flow localization
Maternal adnexal masses
Transvaginal sonography associated with a second generation contrast agent (SonoVue) for evaluation of adnexal masses
Massive ovarian edema in a pediatric patient
Sonographic features of ovarian teratomas composed of variant tissues and analysis of misdiagnosis
Sclerosing stromal tumor of the ovary
Hypervascular myoma in the right rudimentary horn in a patient with Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome
Effects of a copper medicated intrauterine device on uterine, intrauterine and ovarian arterial blood flow
Transrectal 2D and 3D sonographic anatomy of the vagina
Transvaginal sonography in postmenopausal breast cancer patients receiving tamoxifen
Usefulness of vaginal ultrasonography in diagnosis of the endometrial diseases in postmenopausal obese women
Osteogenese imperfecta – diagnostic challengers
Three-dimensional ultrasound presentation of fetal akinesia deformation sequence
Mid second trimester prenatal diagnosis of vater association
Prenatal sonographic diagnosis of neu-laxova syndrome
Prenatal diagnosis of smith-lemli-opitz syndrome
Failed in diagnostic of giant sacrococcygeal teratoma with antenatal ultrasound in Mexican patient conditioned obstructed labor
Prenatal diagnosis of sacrococcygeal teratoma with constitutional partial monosomy 7q/trisomy 2p
Prenatal diagnosis of abnormal direct entry of the umbilical vein into the right atrium
Pentalogy of Cantrell; two more cases
Prenatal diagnosis of cloacal exstrophy – reports of 2 cases
Prenatal sonographic findings of cloacal anomaly
Second trimester ultrasound detection of cloaca exstrophy associated with unusual male genital anomalies
Fetal and neonatal ovarian cystic masses
XX-agonadism with multiple congenital anomalies
Prenatal diagnosis of ovarian cyst
Multiplanar ultrasound in the trans-abdominal examination of renal anomalies.
Superior displaced kidney, be aware of congenital diaphragmatic hernia
Prenatal sonographic diagnosis of suprarenal cortex tumor
Prenatal diagnosis of anomalies of the caudal fetal trunk
Antenatal diagnosis of abnormal fetal genitalia
Partial monosomy of chromosome 21 presenting as hyperechogenic testicles
Ultrasound prenatal diagnosis of Idiopathic Arterial Calcification of Infancy
Ultrasonographic diagnosis of fetal urinary system abnormalities
Pathologic fetal renal artery doppler findings in an autosomal dominant type polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD) presenting in utero
Prenatal diagnosis of asphyxiating thoracic dysplasia during the mid trimester us scan
Prenatal diagnosis of a large axillary cystic lymphangioma by three-dimensional ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging
Fetal cervical tumors
Prenatal diagnosis of fetal cervical teratomas
Three-dimensional prenatal diagnosis of en epignathus teratoma
Ultrasound prenatal diagnosis of a lateral facial cleft (Tessier n. 7)
A rare fetal malformation
Complete hydatidiform mole co existing with 21 weeks normal live fetus. A case report
Planing EXIT-procedure with fetal magnetic resonance imaging
Prenatal diagnosis of Arnold-Chiari III malformation by ultrasound and Fetal Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
Value of magnetic resonance images in the prenatal diagnostic of esophageal atresia
Prenatal diagnosis of a fetal chest cystic lymphangioma using ultrasonography and MRI
MRI diagnostic of a giant acardic fetus
Prenatal findings and differential diagnosis of Scimitar syndrome and pulmonary sequestration
Sex specific antenatal reference growth charts for uncomplicated singleton pregnancies at 15–40 weeks of gestation
Nomogram of fetal hard palate length, width, and area throughout gestation
The prenatal assessment of normal fetal humerus volume by three-dimensional ultrasound
New charts for gestational age assessment based on fetal head biometry; effect of maternal and fetal factors
Prediction of the fetal growth restriction by biometry of the transverse diameter of the cerebellum
Biomagnetic and Doppler findings of umbilical artery in fetal growth restriction
Comparison of two-dimensional ultrasound with three-dimensional ultrasound in cephalometric measurement of the fetus during the second half of pregnancy
Sonographic estimation of fetal weight in different birth weight groups
What is biparietal/kidney length ratio in intrauterine growth retardation?
Audit of the sonographic estimation of fetal weight based on fetal abdominal circumference
Can principal component analysis be used to improve fetal weight prediction models?
Comparison of eleven sonographic formulas to predict birth weight
Effect of amniotic fluid volume on ultrasonic fetal weight estimation below 2000 g
Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) for fetal oxygenation (BOLD) during maternal hypoxia
Characterization of the foramen ovale blood flow in fetuses with severe intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR)
Fractional arm volume
Fractional thigh volume
Fetal subcutaneous tissue thickness (SCTT) in normal and gestational diabetic pregnancies
Fetal subcutaneous tissue and two independent-parameter-formulas for estimating fetal weight
Ultrasound-determined fetal subcutaneous tissue thickness (SCTT) for a birthweight prediction model
Accuracy of estimating fetal weight by ultrasound in the Indian population
Accuracy of estimating fetal weight-clinical or ultrasonological?
Perfusion and permeability assessments in mice placenta using dynamic magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contrast media. A feasibility study
Isolated Single umbilical artery (SUA) and fetal growth restriction
Isolated fetal hypoplastic left heart syndrome
Fetal growth restriction
Comparative evaluation of Doppler, in arteries and veins evaluated with non stress test, contraction stress test, and cord blood sampling in IUGR
Maternal heart structure and function in gestational and essential hypertension
Endothelial dysfunction is correlated with preeclampsia and fetal growth
Sonographic ‘jelly like’ placenta and pregnancy outcome
Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the “normal” placenta
Renal blood flow velocity profile in very low birth weight infants with patent ductus arteriosus detected by Doppler ultrasonography
Sonographic lean umbilical cords of appropriate and growth restricted fetuses
Functional abnormalities in fetuses with IUGR and no structural malformations based on fetal echocardiography findings
Doppler ultrasound analysis of the human placental vasculature
Comparison of two different placental-cerebral ratios in presence of normal umbilical arterial waveform in assessment of fetal growth restriction near term
Placental insufficiency is associated with reduced head circumference and femur length
Does nifedipine improve placental function and fetal growth?
Poster abstracts
Screening of spontaneous preterm delivery by ultrasound cervical length in an unselected chilean population
Middle cerebral artery peak systolic velocity in normal and high risk pregnancies
Longitudinal evaluation of middle cerebral artery flow in preterm severely growth restricted fetuses
Longitudinal Doppler evaluation of preterm growth restricted fetuses with abnormal umbilical artery velocimetry in relation to neonatal and infant outcome
Prenatal assessment of anomalies of the fetal hepatic circulation with three-dimensional color power imaging
Middle cerebral artery and cardiac flow in preterm severely growth restricted fetuses
Normalization of middle cerebral artery flow velocity before fetal death
A color Doppler study on the hemodynamics of the middle cerebral artery, umbilical artery, descending aorta and renal artery of normal fetuses
Doppler flow in the fetal circulation – I. Umbilical-cerebral Doppler pulsatility index ratio – revisited
Doppler flow in the fetal circulation – II. Indices from ductus venousus in normal pregnancy
Doppler flow in the fetal circulation – III. Ductus venosus in predicting fetal acidemia
Doppler flow in the fetal circulation – IV. Indices from ductus venosus – ‘cut off’ point
Blood flow velocity waveforms in fetal pulmonary arteries
Pressure pulses and flow velocities (ultrasound Doppler) in central veins of the anesthetized sheep fetus
Influence of maternal exercise on fetal and maternal hemodynamics and cervical structure in singleton and twin pregnancies
Umbilical cord morphometry and umbilical artery doppler parameters in IUGR fetuses
The cylindrical shape of ductus venosus in the first trimester of gestation
Reference values of Dopplerfluxometry of the ductus venosus at 10–14 weeks of gestation
There are no differences of Doppler indices between sheep fetuses with and without accelerated lung growth
Implanting a wide-bore stent into the ductus venosus of fetal sheep distinctly increases placental blood flow rate
The effect of betamethasone administration on maternal and fetal Doppler velocimetry and fetal biophysical profile score
Assessment of fetal cerebral arterial and venous blood flow before and after birth according to type of delivery
False negative result in chorionic villi short term culture missing a translocation trisomy 21
Indications, outcomes and complications of genetic amniocentesis
Late chorionic villus sampling for prenatal diagnosis in Zagreb
Chorionic villus sampling for prenatal diagnosis in Zagreb
Rapid karyotyping or full karyotyping for prenatal diagnosis
Chorionic villus sampling
An audit of amniocentesis – before and after real-time ultrasound
Human fetal and maternal hormonal stress responses to percutaneous umbilical blood sampling
Does size matter? A randomised experimental comparison of 23 G versus 22 G needle for ultrasound guided invasive fetal procedures
Ultrasound screening and antismoking motivation
Outcome of amniocentesis performed in a Perinatology Unit over 5 years
Middle cerebral artery Doppler assessment of fetal anemia in the surviving co-twin after laser therapy for twin-twin transfusion syndrome
Lung development in fetal sheep observed with Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and ultrasound B-scan
Fetal lung volume assessment by three-dimensional ultrasound in isolated congenital diaphragmatic hernia as a prognostic factor
The value of prenatal ultrasonography to predict perinatal mortality of congenital diaphragmatic hernia
Congenital diaphragmatic hernia
Use of the lung-to-head ratio in the counseling of women with prenatal diagnosis of congenital diaphragmatic hernia
The validity of using the lung-to-head-ratio in fetuses with congenital diaphragmatic hernia to predict the neonatal outcome
Fetal lungs image characterized on MRI. Correlation with pulmonary hypoplasia
Sonographic assessment of the umbilical cord coiling index during the entire gestation
Incidence of sonographic uncoiled umbilical cords in the first half of gestation
Perinatal outcome after prenatal diagnosis of placental chorioangioma
Transvaginal and transabdominal ultrasonography in detection of cervical incomptetency and preterm delivery
The use of cervical ultrasound in the management of cervical incompetence
The uterine shelf – is it a prognosticator of poor fetal outcome?
Sonographic diagnosis of dehiscence of cesarean hysterorrhaphy
Erroneous diagnosis of placenta accreta by magnetic resonance imaging in a patient with uterine dehiscence
Three dimensional ultrasonography of placental mesenchymal dysplasia
Preliminary reports on a noninvasive method for the assessment of fetal lung maturity
Investigation of fetal lung maturation with magnetic resonance imaging using different sequences
Nuchal cord, induction of labour and caesarean section
Effect of umbilical cord displacement on ultrasound estimation of umbilical coiling
Evaluation of the routine 41-week scan
Serial transvaginal ultrasound to evaluate cervical changes in pregnant patients with a history of LEEP
Determining the cervical length cut-off point useful to predict preterm delivery in women admitted because of preterm labor
Sonographic cervical length in singleton pregnancies with intact membranes presenting with threatened preterm labour
Research of some risks of premature rupture of membrane
Effects of preterm rupture of membrane on pregnancy outcome
Patients with preterm labor with intact membranes and preterm prom with ‘failure of physiologic transformation of the spiral arteries have a higher impedance to flow in the uterine arteries’
Uterine artery blood flow velocity waveforms during uterine contractions
Antenatal diagnosis of placenta accreta with Color Doppler and magnetic resonance imaging
Placenta percreta
The occurrence of echogenic intrauterine spots after pregnancy
Accuracy of transvaginal cervical length in prediciting preterm birth – A systematic review
Fetal adaptation to maternal plasmatic expansion
The impact of maternal volume plasma expansion and antihypertensive treatment with intravenous dihydralazine on fetal and maternal hemodynamics during pre-eclampsia
Uterine arteries Doppler in patients hospitalised for preeclampsia
Maternal group B streptococcal sepsis
External cephalic version
Suppuration of hematoma between uterus scar and urinary bladder after cesarean section (CS)
Does therapeutic cerclage prevent preterm birth in women with a short cervix on transvaginal ultrasound?
Induction of labour
Early diagnosis of congenital heart defects (CHD) in high-risk patients
4 chamber view in fetus
Evaluation of fetal heart anatomy at the end of the first trimester and at the beginning of the mid-trimester
How to improve prenatal detection of congenital heart defects?
Assessment of fetal cardiac function. Reference ranges between 23 and 41 weeks
The “U-sign”- a marker of cardiac outflow tract abnormalities. Presentation of three cases and their clinical implications
Fetal left atrial isomerism – an important predictor of neonatal complications with simple detection at standard abdominal biometry
Pressure-volume loops in the venous clipped chick embryo
Natural and unnatural history of first trimester cardiac diverticula
Levoatrial cardinal vein in mitral atresia and closed foramen ovale
A trial septal aneurysm in the fetus. Incidence, prenatal findings and postnatal significance
Prenatal diagnosis of foramen ovale obstruction – a report of two cases
Atypical Ductus venosus blood flow pattern in fetuses with severe tricuspid valve regurgitation
Spontaneous premature closure of the ductus arteriosus
Analysis of the mode of delivery in cases of fetal premature atrial contractions
Transient non-autoimmune fetal heart block
Is fetal echocardiography useful to predict neonatal complications in congenital cystic adenomatoid lung malformation (CCAM)?
Fetal aortic valve stenosis and neonatal implications
Fetal echocardiography results in twins at the referral center
Chromosomal outcome in one thousand fetuses with echogenic foci
Advanced Dynamic flow – a new method of visualization of vessels. A prospective study
Spontaneous regression of fetal goiter during maternal antithyroid treatment
Fetal hydrops, associated with maternal PTU exposure, reversed by intra-uterine therapy. A case report and review of the literature
Association between fetal hypothyroidism and teratoma of the neck. Case Report
PPROM before 24 weeks of gestation
The sensitivity of antenatal ultrasound for predicting the requirement for renal tract surgery in early childhood
Lower obstructive fetal uropathy
Postmortem findings in fetuses with severe lower urinary tract obstruction
Clinical significance of sonographically detected dilated fetal bowel
Prenatal sonographic diagnosis of duodenal membrane
The natural history of omphalocele detected in early pregnancy
A new approach to the fetus with severe chylothorax by intrapleural injection of OK-432
Aetiology and Prognosis in fetal Hydrothorax
Congenital cyst adenomatoid malformation (CCAM) and 3 years follow-up of children
Prenatal diagnosis of a mediastinal teratoma in one fetus in twin pregnancy
Prenatal diagnosis and management of extralobar lung sequestration
Four cases of fetal RV diverticulum and pericardial effusion treated in-utero
Detection of raised cerebral blood flow and cardiomegaly in fetuses affected by Hb H disease
Middle cerebral artery peak systolic velocity and ductus venosus in the assessment of fetal hydrops
Middle cerebral artery peak systolic velocity in the prediction of fetal anemia
Heart block detected in fetal life – associated anomalies and possible prognostic markers
Neurological outcome of fetal arrhythmias complicated by hydrops
Fetal supraventricular tachycardia
Management of fetal tachycardia
The role of ultrasound in prenatal detection of fetal cytomegalovirus infection
Ultrasound aspects of varicella embryofoetopathy
Poster abstracts
Poster abstracts
Fetal toxoplasmosis infection. Brain ultrasound anomalies. An update.
Late third trimester prenatal diagnosis of fetal anomalies
Ultrasound during pregnancy
Procedural skills necessary for fetal intravascular transfusion
Early discordant growth in multiple pregnancies
Longer latency of AEDF in monochorionic twins
Fetoscopic laser treatment in monochorionic and dichorionic triplets
50 consecutive cord coagulations in monochorionic twins
Twin-Twin transfusion syndrome in a monochorionic-monoamniotic twin pregnancy
Twin to twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS) in momoamniotic monochorionic pregnancies (MAMC) does exist
Prenatal detection of arterio-arterial anastomoses in cases of twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome
Prenatal cardiovascular pathology in the recipient twin in twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome and the impact of therapeutic amnioreductions and selective laser coagulation
Interstitial laser for vascular occlusion of fetal vasculature
Selective laser photocoagulation of communicating vessels in triplet pregnancies complicated by feto-fetal transfusion
Endomat/Equimat hysteroscopy pump for intrauterine fluid management in fetoscopic laser surgery in twin to twin transfusion syndrome
Ultrasound assessment of umbilical blood flow before and after laser therapy
Acardiac monster
Management and outcome of TRAP sequence
TRAP sequence
Pregnancy outcome after multifetal pregnancy reduction
Two hundred and ninety consecutive cases of multifetal pregnancy reduction (MFPR) at the New York university medical center
Prenatal sonographic diagnosis and delivery of a monochorionic triplet pregnancy
Sonographic umbilical coiling index in twin pregnancies
Prenatal umbilical cord morphometry in monochorionic twins with twin-to-twin-transfusion syndrome
Cervical varix accompanied by placenta previa in twin pregnancy
Caudal regression syndrome and sirenomelia affecting only one twin in two diabetic, dizygotic pregnancies
Serial sonographic findings of complete hydatidiform mole coexisting with a live fetus
Complete mole and dichorionic twins
Ultrasound diagnosis of an ectopic conjoined twin pregnancy
Fetal heart Doppler velocimetry
First trimester 3D color Doppler ultrasonographic investigation of cardiovascular anatomy in thoraco-omphalopagus twins
Cervical ultrasonography at 28 to 32 weeks in twin gestation in predicting spontaneous preterm delivery
Ultrasound cervical length to predict spontaneous preterm delivery in twin pregnancies
Comparing three different types of monitoring the cervix in triplet pregnancies
Multifetal reduction in triplet and quadruplet pregnancies with a monochorionic component
Effect of hormonal replacement therapy on Doppler velocimetry parameters of priurethral vessels in postmenopausal incontinent women
Visualization of blood flow in bladder vessels in incontinent women by transvaginal color doppler sonography with contrast agent – Levovist
Doppler ultrasonography follow-up of the periurethral vascular network under treatment with estriol
3D ultrasound and it's value in urogynecology (visualisation of bladder and vagina)
Ultrasound bladder volume estimation after vaginal surgery
Transperineal ultrasonographic assessment of anal sphincter anatomy after vaginal delivery
Transvaginal sonography and color Doppler techniques in the early diagnosis of endometrial pathology in normal postmenopausal patients
Application of multivariate logistic regression for the sonographic prediction of endometrial cancer
Sonographic depiction of a metastatic thrombus in the inferior vena cava in association with invasive mole
Transvaginal sonomorphology and vascular architecture of cervical carcinomas
Subfascial hematoma
The role of transvaginal ultrasound in evaluation of cervical cancer in stage IA2-IB2
Sonographic features of pseudomixoma peritonei
Detection of cervical malignancies by using uterine Doppler waveforms
Screening for endometrial cancer in a high-risk population (Hereditary Non Polyposis Colorectal Cancer) – a pilot study
Usefulness of color doppler transvaginal ultrasonography in the diagnosis of early stage ovarian cancer
Radiologic features of pregnancy-associated breast diseases
Poster abstracts
Suspected gynaecological malignancies – role of ultrasound in a ‘fast track’ referral clinic
Amniotic fluid exchange in gastroschisis