Mass screening for fetal malformations
The role of anal endosonography in obstetrics
Relationship between placental blood flow resistance and precordial venous Doppler indices
Single umbilical artery at 11–14 weeks' gestation
Ultrasound prediction of risk of spontaneous miscarriage in live embryos from assisted conceptions
Uterine artery blood flow velocity waveforms during uterine contractions
Evaluation of the measurement of the fetal fat layer, interventricular septum and abdominal circumference percentile in the prediction of macrosomia in pregnancies affected by gestational diabetes
Fetal subcutaneous tissue thickness (SCTT) in healthy and gestational diabetic pregnancies
Ultrasound examination at 37 weeks' gestation in the prediction of pregnancy outcome
Sonographic assessment of the cervix before, during and after a uterine contraction is effective in predicting the course of labor
Results of endosonographic imaging of the anal sphincter 2–7 days after primary repair of third- or fourth-degree obstetric sphincter tears
Endoanal sonography in assessment of fecal incontinence following obstetric trauma
Assessment of para-aortic lymph nodes by intraoperative sonography in gynecological malignancies
Oscillations of cerebrovascular resistance throughout the menstrual cycle in healthy women
The reliability of virtual organ computer-aided analysis (VOCAL) for the semiquantification of ovarian, endometrial and subendometrial perfusion
Late onset microcephaly
Prenatal diagnosis of congenital genu recurvatum following amniocentesis complicated by leakage
Umbilical cord edema associated with patent urachus
Prenatal diagnosis of a cleidocranial dysplasia-like phenotype associated with a de novo balanced t(2q;6q)(q36;q16) translocation
First-trimester reversed end-diastolic flow in the umbilical artery is not always an ominous sign
Prenatal diagnosis of duodenal atresia with three-dimensional sonography
Transvaginal sonographic diagnosis of iniencephaly apertus and craniorachischisis at 9 weeks' gestation
Choice between using delta-NT or NT MoM
Choice between using delta-NT or NT MoM
Right aortic arch with vascular ring and aberrant left subclavian artery