Developments in 3D ultrasound in obstetrics
The expanding role of MRI in obstetrics and gynecology
High-intensity focused ultrasound
Examination of the fetal brain by three-dimensional ultrasound
Sonographic characterization of the fetal cortex
Objective evaluation of Sylvian fissure development by multi-planar three-dimensional ultrasound
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3D ultrasound evaluation of the fetal optic chiasm
“Intraventricular fused fornices”, a marker for complex midline anomalies
Long-term follow-up of prenatally diagnosed central nervous system anomalies
Ultrasound in the daily practice
Dilemmas in fetal reduction
Short-term outcome of trichorionic triplet pregnancies at 10–14 weeks
Prenatal diagnosis and outcome of congenital CMV infection in twin pregnancies
A comparison between prenatal diagnosis of severe fetal cytomegalovirus infection and postmortem examinations
A critical appraisal of VOCAL imaging in gynecology
3D is an essential tool in gynecological imaging
The shadows of the IUD
Pelvic floor trauma in labour
Computer assisted three dimensional analysis of endometrial ultrasound images across the menstrual cycle
Changes in the gestational and yolk sac volumes with threatened and missed abortion by three-dimensional ultrasound
Fetal cardiac output in fetuses at 11–14 weeks of gestation with increased nuchal translucency
Detection rate of early fetal echocardiography and in utero development of congenital heart defects
Routine transabdominal echocardiography at 11–14 weeks of gestation in fetuses with increased nuchal translucency
Feasibility of first trimester screening of congenital heart disease with high frequency transabdominal probe
implications for three-dimensional fetal echocardiography
the feasibility of multiplanar imaging
Comparison of 3D power Doppler ultrasound (3D-PDU) versus 3D with Inversion mode rendering in 3D fetal echocardiography
outcome related to sex and prenatal ventricular size (AW) in 211 cases
Growth rate of corpus callosum in very premature infants
Posterior fossa and vermian morphometry in the characterization of fetal cerebellar abnormalities—a three-dimensional ultrasound study
Assessing the endometrial cavity prior to surgery
A rational approach to assessing the uterus in women with abnormal bleeding
Symptomatic postmenopausal women with endometrial polyps removed by hysteroscopy
Sonohysterography in the pre-operative assessment of submucous myomas
Increasing detection of adenomyosis on ultrasound
Arteriovenous malformations of the uterus—case series and a proposed protocol for management
Uterine artery Doppler flow velocity following uterine fibroid embolization
Saline infusion for endometrial abnormalities
Ultrasound measurement of the transverse diameter of the fetal thymus
Sonographic evaluation of the fetal hard palate and maxillary tooth buds
Orbital measurements at 11–14 weeks of gestation
Prenatal diagnosis of an isolated cleft palate with 2D ultrasound—a case report
The association between the Biparietal diameter and Nasal bone ratio (BPD/NB) and fetal aneuploidy in pregnancies between 15–22 weeks gestation
Harlequin ichthyosis—sonographic findings at 25 weeks in an unsuspected pregnancy (case report)
Selective fetocide in monochorionic twins
Randomized clinical trial of expectant management versus laser therapy for monochorionic-diamniotic twin gestations affected by selective intrauterine growth restriction and absent end-diastolic velocity of the umbilical artery
Long-term follow up of survivors of severe TTTS treated with laser
Correlation of hemodynamic disturbances with the recipient death in TTTS
Intertwin anastomoses in monochorionic placentas after fetoscopic laser coagulation for twin–twin transfusion syndrome
Reduction of the monochorionic pair in multifetal pregnancies improves outcome
The endometrial echo revisited
Asymptomatic endometrial polyps in postmenopausal women
Predicting outcomes for fibroid therapies
Endometrial thickness in post menopausal women
Ultrasonographic findings in benign intrauterine lesions using power Doppler
Asymptomatic endometrial polyps can be detected by power Doppler ultrasound
Update on diagnosis and treatment of fetal arrhythmias
Rendering in fetal echocardiography with STIC technology
A new echographic marker for 2nd–3rd trimester prenatal diagnosis of trisomy 21
Fetal atrioventricular valves assessment using 4D volume rendering
The “sad aorta” sign
Off-line free angular M-mode—a useful diagnostic tool in fetal arrhythmias
Routine ultrasound on admission to the labor ward
Pelvic floor trauma in childbirth
Engagement of the fetal head evaluated by perineal ultrasound in pregnancies with prelabor rupture of membranes
How to identify twins at low risk of spontaneous preterm delivery
Reference data representative of normal findings at 3D power Doppler ultrasound examination of the cervix from 17 to 41 gestational weeks
In-utero transfer in threatened preterm labour
Clinical significance of antenatal sonographic diagnosis of a nuchal cord at term
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3D power Doppler in the evaluation of painful leiomyomas and focal uterine thickening in pregnancy
Localisation and removal of nonpalpable Implanon devices with ultrasound. The first 3 years—a series of 200 patients
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Antenatal prediction of lung hypoplasia remains problematic
Lung-to-head ratio and liver position to predict outcome in early diagnosed isolated left sided diaphragmatic hernia fetuses
Prenatal evaluation of pulmonary volume and vascularity in congenital diaphragmatic hernia using three-dimensional ultrasonography
Outcomes after the functional evaluation of fetal pulmonary vascular reactivity by the maternal hyperoxygenation test in diaphragmatic hernia
Feasibility of fetal gender assignment by ultrasound evaluation of the pelvic organs in the second and third trimesters
Fetal oesophagus scan screening
The impact of prenatal diagnosis of esophageal atresia
How good is the obstetric routine cardiac scan?
What can we diagnose in the first trimester?
The risk by nuchal translucency (NT)
Outcome of cardiac arrhythmias treated in utero
Impact of training in the prenatal recognition of major cardiac anomalies
Fetal PR interval
Isolated ventricular septal defects detected by colour Doppler flow
The pros and cons of using mathematical models to predict malignancy in ovarian masses
Differential diagnosis of ovarian masses
Difficulties in characterizing ovarian masses
Three-dimensional power Doppler ultrasound for discrimination between benign and malignant ovarian tumors
Sonoangiography with pulsed and color Doppler blood flow measurements and microvessel density assessment in malignant ovarian tumors
The value of preoperative ultrasound in the selection of women with adnexal masses for laparoscopic surgery
Assessment of the vascular tree in ovarian tumors using 3D power Doppler ultrasound
‘The Shetland and the Clydesdale revisited’; paternal height influences fetal humerus and femur length in the midtrimester
Relationship of three-dimensional volume decrease to two-dimensional linear shortening in pathologic fetal femur length
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Placenta accreta
Case demonstrations and data on umbilical cord complications
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Ultrasonographic, pathologic and clinical prognostic factors in survival of fetuses with antenatally detected sacrococcygeal teratoma
Fetal echo and cardiovascular profile score (CVS) as a prognostic risk factor in fetal sacrococcygeal teratoma (SCT)
Intertwin venous flow imbalance in twin–twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS)
What can we learn about potential fertility from imaging the ovary?
Colour Doppler and 3D ultrasound and implantation of the human embryos
Three-dimensional vascular endometrial blood flow and “vascular cytokines”
Sonographic evaluation of posterior deep pelvic endometriosis
The use of a logistic regression model to predict early pregnancy viability in women undergoing IVF
Three dimensional power Doppler imaging in polycystic ovary syndrome
Predicting remaining time of pregnancy—a new approach to the prediction of day of delivery
Volume flow estimation
Middle cerebral artery peak systolic velocity—a new Doppler parameter in the evaluation of SGA fetuses with an abnormal umbilical artery
Effects of maternal hyperoxia with and without normocapnia in utero-placental and fetal Doppler studies
Epidemiologic and statistical pitfalls in prediction models for fetal weight estimation
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Applicability of diffusion-weighted images in fetal magnetic resonance imaging
An evaluation of real-time MR single shot fast spin echo imaging in visualization of fetal midline corpus callosum and secondary palate
Fetal growth and development of the posterior fossa and vermis with magnetic resonance imaging
Fetal neurosonography and magnetic resonance imaging in the diagnosis of malformations of cortical development
Fetal CNS assessment by transvaginal 3D sonography and MR imaging
Multi slice technique for 3D sonography
Magnetic resonance imaging of fetal cerebral lesions in severe twin–twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS)
Feasibility of magnetic resonance imaging as a preoperative guidance tool for laser coagulation in twin–twin transfusion syndrome
Reference data representative of normal findings at 2D and 3D gray scale ultrasound examination of the cervix from 17 to 41 gestational weeks
Assessment of cardiac function impairment by four-dimensional echocardiography with inversion mode rendering in fetal congenital heart disease
Sonographic tomography
Doppler cardiotocography and biophysical profile
Long-term follow-up of IUGR
Changes in Doppler waveform of ductus venosus
Relationship between prenatal Doppler findings and neurodevelopmental outcome at 2 years of age in intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR)
The proportion of umbilical blood shunting through the ductus venosus in nonhuman primate fetuses
Short term effect of betamethasone administration on MCA blood flow velocimetry on preterm intrauterine growth restricted fetuses
Usefulness of measurement of the fetal thymus in the diagnosis of IUGR
Intra- and interobserver agreement for morphologic assessment of adnexal masses using three-dimensional ultrasound
The role of sonographic examination in the follow up of gynecological neoplasms
A prospective evaluation of the ovarian crescent sign and the risk of malignancy index (RMI) for the diagnosis of ovarian malignancy
Malignant and benign adnexal tumor vascularity assessment with three-dimensional (3D) power Doppler sonography, soluble vascular adhesion molecule-1 (VCAM-1) and soluble endoglin (CD-105) measurements
First trimester screening for trisomy 21
Umbilical cord diameter at 11–14 weeks of gestation
Outcome of fetuses with enlarged nuchal translucency and normal karyotype
Screening for chromosomal abnormalities by ductus venosus Doppler in the first trimester
Chromosome analysis with increased resolution for fetuses with nuchal translucency > 99th percentile and normal results from aneuploidy screening
First trimester maternal serum level of pregnancy associated plasma protein A is an independent factor of fetal maxillary bone length
Management and prognosis of IUGR infants
An economic analysis of the role of Doppler velocimetry and fetal biophysical profile in the timing of delivery of the preterm growth-restricted fetus
Qualitative venous Doppler flow waveform analysis in preterm IUGR-fetuses with ARED flow—correlation to short-term outcome
Intervention thresholds for severe early onset growth restriction (IUGR)
Human uterine artery blood volume flow at mid-gestation
Second trimester diagnosis of severe placental insufficiency in women with elevations of either alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) or human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG)
The role of contrast media in the diagnosis and management of ovarian masses
Trials on animals and clinical patients of interventional alcoholic therapy in ovarian endometrial cysts
Colour Doppler assessment of blood flow in cases of lymphatic metastases in endometrial cancer
Transvaginal ultrasound in comparison to MRI for the evaluation of early stages of cervical cancer
A new method of transvaginal ultrasound-guided polypectomy
Real-time 3D ultrasound imaging of the clitoris
3D transvaginal gynecological ultrasound using Accuvix XQ prestige. An operator-independent examination
Iliac crest angle
Prevalence of an aberrant right subclavian artery (ARSA) in normal fetuses
Fetal ovarian cysts
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Prenatal diagnosis of an isolated fetal malformation
Developments in the dilatation of cardiac valves
Fetal intervention for congenital diaphragmatic hernia
Developments in amniopatch
Obstructive uropathy
Developments in the treatment of TTTS
Improving results with percutaneous fetal endoscopic tracheal occlusion (FETO) for severe left congenital diaphragmatic hernia
Selection of cases for fetal pulmonary valvuloplasty
Stage-related outcome in severe mid-trimester twin–twin transfusion syndrome treated by fetoscopic laser coagulation
Weight discordance decreases after laser therapy for twin–twin transfusion syndrome
Learning curve for fetoscopic laser surgery for severe twin–twin transfusion syndrome can be shortened
Diagnosing ectopic pregnancy
The role of ultrasound in acute gynaecology and its impact on management
Can the ultrasonographic appearance of an ectopic pregnancy determine the likelihood of success for conservative management?
Prevalence of pathology in women presenting with pelvic pain and/or bleeding to an inner London acute gynaecology unit (AGU)
Sonographic appearance of the uterine cavity following treatment with Mifepristone and Misoprostol for termination of pregnancy
Can the hCG ratio be used to predict likelihood of success of conservative management of ectopic pregnancies?
What is the optimal approach to accurately classifying failing pregnancies of unknown location (PULs)?
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What do we do with ovarian cysts diagnosed in pregnancy?
First-trimester uterine artery Doppler and ischaemia modified albumin in women who subsequently develop severe pre-eclampsia
Diastolic flow index of the uterine artery Doppler waveform
Compliance index (CI) of the uterine artery as a predictor of hypertensive disorders and growth restriction in low risk pregnancies
Modification of maternal and fetal circulation under moderate plasmatic volume expansion for preeclampsia
Maternal hemodynamic changes after laser therapy followed by amnioreduction for midtrimester twin–twin transfusion syndrome
Pregnancy in women with hypertropic or dilated cardiomyopathy
Multi-slice imaging of the normal fetal heart
Fetal cardiac ejection fraction assessed from 4D ultrasound
Early visualization of the fetal coronary arteries by four-dimensional ultrasonography with B-flow imaging and spatiotemporal image correlation (STIC)
Clinical application and usefulness of three dimensional extended image (3D XI) in obstetrics
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A longitudinal kinematical study of fetal hand movements through 4D ultrasound
Expression of VEGF-C in human placenta during early pregnancy and quantitative placental pulsatile blood flow by ultrasonography
What is the best videocompression algorithm for digital fetal ultrasound videoclips?
Value of CT3D helical scanner during third trimester for diagnosis of osteochondrodysplasias and dysostosis
Glucose influx rate of fetal organs during acute hypoxia measured by positron emission tomography (PET)
Transperineal 3D ultrasound to assess the anal sphincter
Vesical endometriosis
The use of volumetric transvaginal ultrasound probe to evaluate the anal sphincter anatomy in women
Postpartum evaluation of the anal sphincter by transperineal 3D US in primiparous women after normal vaginal delivery and after surgical repair of 3rd-degree tears
What is the clinical relevance of major defects of the levator ani muscle?
Dimensions of the levator hiatus in symptomatic women
Postpartum evaluation of the anal sphincter by transperineal 3D US in primiparous women after normal vaginal delivery and after surgical repair of 3rd-degree tears
Chorionicity determination is the key factor in the antenatal care of twins
Individual and group learning curves for ultrasound fetal biometry measurements
Effect of maternal hydration on amniotic fluid index
BOLD magnetic resonance imaging during fetal hypoxia
The use of a single MR imaging biometric parameter to accurately quantify fetal relative lung volume in fetuses with suspicion of pulmonary hypoplasia
The fetal kinked brainstem
The value and merits of ultrasonography and magnetic resonance in the diagnosis and prognosis of diaphragmatic hernias
Importance of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in the diagnosis of congenital diaphragmatic hernia
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Is it safe to perform uterine curettage in women with no signs of an intra-uterine pregnancy on transvaginal ultrasound?
Ultrasound and histological findings in women with suspected incomplete miscarriage
Routine use of ultrasound guided curettage for incomplete abortion or missed abortion—five years experience
Screening for Down syndrome using first-trimester combined screening followed by second-trimester ultrasound examination
Screening for Down syndrome with a two-step approach using first-trimester combined screening followed by second-trimester ultrasound examination
One stop clinic for assessment of risk (OSCAR) for trisomy 21 in singleton pregnancies at 11 to 13 + 6 weeks of gestation
The implementation of the integrated screening test for Down syndrome in a government hospital
Abortion rate after chorionic villus sampling and amniocentesis
Changing pattern of tertiary referrals for prenatal diagnosis in a major centre, Australia 1993–2002
Screening for Down syndrome using first-trimester combined screening followed by second-trimester detailed ultrasound examination
Screening for non chromosomic fetal malformations using first-trimester followed by second-trimester detailed ultrasound examination
Nasal bone assessment in first trimester detection of trisomy 21
Second trimester sonographic markers in the risk calculation of Down syndrome
Do isolated choroid plexus cysts or echogenic intracardiac foci warrant invasive genetic testing?
Contribution of fetal nasal bone measurement in midtrimester Down syndrome screening
Increased NCAM expression and vascular development in trisomy 16 mouse embryos
Prenatal diagnosis of Patau syndrome
Ultrasound and serum screening at 10–12 weeks of pregnancy with Down syndrome
Nuchal translucency reference range curve in the Espírito Santo State—Brazil
Nuchal translucency in detection of aneuploidies
First trimester screening is the most effective method of detecting trisomy 21. An audit of the efficacy of the antenatal diagnosis of trisomy 21 in a New Zealand region
Influence of sonographic markers in the second trimester of pregnancy on the risk of fetal Down syndrome in patients with advanced maternal age
Is the karyotyping of fetuses with isolated choroid plexus cysts warranted?
Changing pattern of advanced maternal age and prenatal diagnostic procedures in a tertiary referral centre, Australia
Women's knowledge and views of prenatal screening and diagnostic tests for fetal abnormality
Prenatal diagnosis of Down's syndrome in II and III trimester of pregnancy using ultrasound and echocardiography examination
Prenatal ultrasound findings in trisomy 18
Prospective study on sonographic examination of Chinese fetal nasal bone in the screening of chromosomally abnormal fetuses in the mid-trimester
One year experience with first trimester screening with same day results
Fetal nasal bone hypoplasia for ultrasound screening of chromosomal aneuploidy in high-risk pregnancy
Multicenter study of nuchal translucency (NT) in Poland. A prospective study of 1650 low-risk women
Recurrence risk estimation after pregnancy termination based on sonographic detection of serious CNS anomalies
Longitudinal development of the normal fetal brainstem
Cerebral ventriculomegaly
Cerebral lateral ventricle width–an expression of ethnic diversity
Prenatal diagnosis of agenesis of the corpus callosum
The fetal cerebellar vermis
Outcomes of in utero subdural hemorrhages
Potential pitfalls in fetal neurosonography
Holoprosencephaly, cyclops and proboscis
The cisterna magna septa—a probable vestigial remnant of the roof of the rhombencephalic vesicle
Prenatal diagnosis of corpus callosum agenesis by ultrasound
Characteristics, associations and outcome of Partial Agenesis of Corpus Callosum in the fetus
Prenatal diagnosis of Aicardi Syndrome (AS)
Rotation of the vermis in the fetus as a possible etiology for enlarged posterior fossa
Prenatal diagnosis of tetrasomy 9p associated to Dandy-Walker malformation
Diagnosis and clinical attendance on fetuses with Galen's vein aneurysms—Report of two cases
Perinatal outcome of vein of Galen aneurisms (VGA). Report of two different cases. 3D Doppler color imaging
Cerebral Doppler ultrasound in persistence of the ductus arteriosus in premature infants
Prenatal diagnosis and further management of a huge fronto-orbito-nasal encephalocele, a case report
Prenatal diagnosis of enormous intra and extracranial teratoma
First trimester screening in routine clinical practice in 5189 pregnancies
Can severe macrosomia be detected at the time of nuchal translucency screening?
Early prenatal diagnosis of fetal structural abnormalities at first-trimester nuchal translucency screening
Outcome of fetuses with a abnormality at 11–14 week scan
Karyotyping or rapid testing
First-trimester sonographic features of trisomy 13
Familial diseases revealed by a fetal anomaly
Sonographic features of Cornelia de Lange syndrome
Hand positions in fetuses with trisomy 18
The incidence and significance of anomalies and soft markers after screening for Down syndrome by the integrated test
Linear insertion of the atrioventricular valves (LIAVV) without defect in trisomy
Prenatal diagnosis of conotruncal anomalies
Early diagnosis of fetal atrioventricular septal defects
Three-dimensional echocardiographic evaluation of ventricular septal defects in the fetus
Perfect prenatal detection of congenital heart disease—is it a practical possibility?
A nomogram of fetal clavicle length throughout gestation
Sonographic diagnosis of Osteogenesis Imperfecta types IIB, III and IV
Epiphysis and metaphysis prenatal ultrasound examination
Changes in prenatal diagnosis and fetal medicine after the Perruche case and the law passed on the 4th of March 2002 in France
Cystic hygroma
Longitudinal volume analysis of jugular lymphatic sacs in fetuses with increased nuchal translucency
Fetal defects and increased nuchal translucency thickness
Determination of fetal gender by ultrasound at 11–14 weeks
Fetal Diagnostic Centre for Ultrasound and Echocardiography—ten years' experience
Sonotraining on the personal computer
Prenatal diagnosis of triploidy associated with sandal gap toe
Prenatal ultrasound findings in trisomy 22
Choroid plexus cysts as only marker of aneuploidies
Unusual presentation of DiGeorge syndrome
Tri-dimensional ultrasonography suggestive of Costello syndrome, with identified PTPN11 mutation
Beare-Stevenson cutis gyrata syndrome with clover-leaf skull
Prenatal forehead edema in 4p- deletion, the “Greek warrior helmet” profile revisited
Prenatal ultrasound diagnosis of fetal epidermolysis bullosa
Prenatal 2D and 3D ultrasound of Stüve-Wiedemann syndrome
Pfeiffer's syndrome type 2—case report
Unilateral facial cleft associated with increased nuchal translucency
Case presentation
A rare case of malignant cervical teratoma in twin pregnancy
Intrauterine growth restriction with shortened long bones that resembles skeletal dysplasia
Prenatal diagnosis of diastematomyelia
Short femurs detected at 25 and 31 weeks of gestation diagnosed as Leroy I-cell disease in the postnatal period
The prenatal ultrasound diagnostics of the absence of vertebral bodies in a 20 week fetus with complex tumor in the spinal cord
Fetal thanatophoric dysplasia—second trimester ultrasound examination
Prenatal sonographic diagnosis of scoliosis and hemivertebra
X-linked dominant chondrodysplasia punctata
Prenatal detection of single umbilical artery
The giant umbilical cord
Prenatal diagnosis of persisting right umbilical vein (PRUV)—3-dimensional sonography with power Doppler
Pitfalls in the sonographic diagnosis of vasa previa
Vena previa
Pre & postnatal imaging findings of fetal neoplasms
Broad spectrum of ultrasound (US) findings of hydatidiform mole and molar mimicker
Gender-specific fetal lung volume measured with 3-dimensional ultrasonography
3-dimensional fetal lung volume measurements to predict pulmonary hypoplasia in pregnancies complicated by PROM
Lung volume assessment at midgestation with 3D ultrasound to predict pulmonary hypoplasia in fetuses with isolated congenital diaphragmatic hernia
Congenital diaphragmatic hernia
Evolution of antenatal detection and outcome in congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH)
Outcome of fetal diaphragmatic hernia in a tertiary referral centre—1997–2005
Population based cohort survey
Is the finding of a central gall bladder an anatomic variant?
Ultrasound findings of venous anomalies in the fetal liver
Spontaneous resolution of fetal cholelithiasis
Early sonographic diagnosis of fetal abdominal wall anomalies
Sonographic assessment of weight in fetuses with gastroschisis
Prenatally diagnosed gastroschisis
Systematic review of morbidity of children diagnosed with gastroschisis
Analysis of the hemodynamics of the renal artery and descending aorta in fetuses with renal disease using color Doppler ultrasound—longitudinal comparison to normal fetuses
Three-dimensional ultrasound estimation of fetal renal volumes in the second and third trimesters
Fetal renal dilatation
The value of the fetal renal pelvic anteroposterior diameter as a predictor of postnatal outcome
Conservative treatment of pelvi-ureteric junction obstruction in children with antenatal diagnosis of hydronephrosis
A case of fetal hydrops in maternal Sjögren's syndrome with distal renal tubular acidosis
Esophageal atresia and abnormal first trimester Doppler ultrasound of the ductus venosus
Pentalogy of Cantrell
Cystic adenomatoid malformation type III
Increased nuchal translucency and Jeune's syndrome (Asphyxiating thoracic dystrophy)
Prenatal diagnosis of diffuse intrahepatic calcification
Prenatal imaging of fetal hepatoblastoma
Case series
Maternal smoking as a prognostic factor in prenatally diagnosed gastroschisis
Unusual sonographic appearance of autosomal recessive polycystic kidney resembling medullary nephrocalcinosis
Prenatal diagnosis of fetal urinoma
Prenatal diagnosis of meconium periorchitis
Is the nuchal index increased in fetuses with congenital structural heart defects? A prospective study
National database for fetal cardiac anomalies in 2004
The routine anomaly scan and detection of congenital heart disease
Screening of congenital heart disease in a third world country referral center
Antenatal diagnosis of cardiac anomalies in a Brazilian fetal medicine unit
Prenatal ultrasound diagnosis of complex congenital heart defects helps to choose rational tactics for delivery
Sequential segmental analysis in the fetus with cardiac abnormalities
Technique of visualisation of a new cardiac marker for trisomy 21
Technique of fetal axial cardiac screening index (CSI) for generalists with or without three-dimensional equipment
Prenatal diagnosis of congenital heart diseases using STIC Telemedicine (TELE-STIC) via internet link. Preliminary results of 7 centers
Rendering with STIC technology in fetal echocardiography improves interatrial and interventricular septum evaluation
Virtual casting of the fetal heart using Live 3D ultrasound data processed by semi-automated internal surface detection
Prenatal diagnosis of two cases of right aortic arch
Prenatal diagnosis of right-sided aortic arch
Fetal pulmonary artery diameters and ratios standardized for fetal biometric parameters
Left ventricular aneurysm in a fetus complicated by arrhythmias
Constriction and complete occlusion of the ductus arteriosus associated with maternal use of acetaminophen
Prenatal diagnosis of ductus venosus agenesis
Absent ductus venosus in a fetus resulting in a giant hepatic venous malformation and the Kasabach-Merrit syndrome
Ductus venosus dimensions during gestation
Congenital cytomegalovirus infection as a probable cause of premature closure of the foramen ovale
Fetal cardiac calcifications
Cardiac rhabdomyomas
Cardiac rhabdomyoma in the left ventricular outflow tract of a fetus
Fetal heart rate at 6 to 11 + 6 weeks of gestation
Evaluation of the fetal heart anatomy at 12 to 16 + 6 weeks of gestation
Evaluation of PR interval in fetuses of Anti Ro positive pregnancies
Determination of chorionicity in twin gestation by 3D multiplanar ultrasound
Number of yolk sacs does not predict amnionicity in early first trimester monochorionic multiple gestations
Discordant fetal infection for parvovirus in a dichorionic twin pregnancy
Antenatal detection of arterio-venous (A-V) anastomoses in monochorionic twins—can we incorporate it in routine twin surveillance?
Naturally conceived twins with monochorionic placentation have the highest risk of fetal loss
Natural history of amniotic fluid volume discordance in monochorionic-diamniotic twins
Instability of Doppler cerebral blood flow in monochorionic twins
TTTS before the limits of fetoscopic surgery
Fetal echocardiography in twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS) can identify risk factors for neonatal systemic hypertension (NSH)
The role of ultrasound assessment in predicting intrauterine fetal demise after fetoscopic laser photocoagulation for twin–twin transfusion syndrome
Changes in urine production using three dimensional ultrasound in twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome treated by laser
Conservative management of acardiac twins
Four cases of a complete hydatidiform mole (H-mole) coexisting with a live fetus
Diprosopus tetraophthalmos
Cojoined twins—thoracoomphalopagus
Monochorionic, diamniotic triplet pregnancy with cord entanglement
Is twin pregnancy more vulnerable to cervical incompetence?
Nomograms of the cervical length and cervical length changes in twin pregnancies
Can we predict fetal growth from maternal weight changes in twin pregnancies?
Giant endometrial cyst of the uterine wall—a case report
Recurrent uterine arteriovenous malformation after selective embolization and uneventful delivery
Deep lower abdominal pain caused by a hysterotomy defect in two post-caesarean non-pregnant women
Uterine vascular abnormality in a post-abortion case
Uterine fibroid embolization—inpatient vs outpatient therapy
Sonohysterographic findings of endometrial abnormalities in women with polycystic ovary disease
Asymptomatic postmenopausal women with endometrial polyps removed by hysteroscopy
Ultrasound guided IUD implantation
Early endometrial changes following successful implantation post embryo transfer, a three-dimensional ultrasound study
Assessment of physiological changes during the menstrual cycle by 3D/4D ultrasonography
Dynamic assays of inhibin B, anti-Mullerian hormone and estradiol following FSH stimulation and ovarian ultrasonography as predictors of IVF outcome
Clear cell adenofibroma/fibrocarcinoma of the ovary
Tissue block ultrasound and ovarian cancer diagnosis
Maternal adnexal masses
Bilateral asynchronous adnexal torsion
Sigmoid endometriosis
Pre-operative staging of endometrial cancer
The role of RI and PI indices in the diagnostic of ovarian malignancy in clinical practice
Fine needle aspiration (FNA) of adnexal cysts—2 years' experience by a single operator
Pelvic masses score (PMS)
Combined use of ultrasound and CA 125 level for predicting pelvic node metastasis in endometrial cancer
The great imitator
Value of ultrasonography in diagnosis of pathological changes in ovaries
Multiple regression analysis of ultrasonography parameters for differentiation diagnosis of malignant from benign ovarian lesions with abundant blood vessels
Correlations between ultrasound and fetal haematological parameters in 67 fetuses infected with cytomegalovirus (CMV)
Transabdominal embryofetoscopy
Evaluation of the complications of amniocentesis in pregnant women with uterine myomas
Amniocentesis—no longer “a shot in the dark”
A randomized single blinded trial of subfreezing versus room temperature needles to reduce pain with amniocentesis
Pregnancy outcome in Rh alloimmunized patients managed through amniotic fluid spectrophotometry or Doppler ultrasonography of the fetal middle cerebral artery
Measurement of fetal middle cerebral artery peak systolic velocity before and after intrauterine transfusions
Expectant management in unexplained fetal anemia
Selective fetoscopic laser ablation therapy for twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome
Fetoscopic laser ablation of the placental vascular equator in twin–twin transfusion syndrome
Is decreased individual placental territory responsible for umbilical artery absent/reverse end-diastolic velocity in twin–twin transfusion syndrome?
Fetoscopic laser photocoagulation of communicating vessels for twin–twin transfusion syndrome
The impact of laser therapy on fetal growth discordance in twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome
Analysis of fetal growth following laser therapy in twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome
Recurrence of twin–twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS) and feto-fetal hemorrhage
Decrease in recipient to donor fetal venous flow imbalance (R/D index) in twin to twin transfusion syndrome after successful laser treatment
Radiofrequency ablation for twin reversed arterial perfusion sequence
Intrauterine repair of spina bifida
Validation of the ovine fetus as an experimental model for the human myelomeningocele defect
Fetal therapeutic bronchoscopy in animal model
Amniocentesis should always be performed in women with a dilated cervix in the 2nd trimester
Amniocentesis and ductus venosus Doppler blood flow velocity waveforms
Transabdominal chorionic villus for prenatal diagnosis
Pain associated with transabdominal chorionic villus sampling—anticipated versus actual
Middle cerebral artery peak systolic velocity and the prediction of fetal anaemia in alloimmunized pregnancies
Selective termination in complicated monochorionic pregnancies
Laser therapy for fetal treatment in complicated monochorionic twin pregnancies
Preliminary experience with endoscopic laser surgery for severe TTTS
Perinatal outcomes with laser therapy for severe twin–twin transfusion syndrome
Intrauterine vesicoamniotic shunt of posterior urethral valve at early second trimester
Fetal surgery for cystic adenomatoid malformation
Successful management of a congenital oral tumor by ex utero intrapartum treatment (EXIT) procedure
A new three dimensional (3D) ultrasound formula to optimize weight estimation in the small fetus remote from term
Validation of fetal weight estimation models
Relationship between estimated fetal weight and amniotic fluid index in the third trimester
Nitric oxide donors and fluid therapy increase fetal growth in gestational hypertension
The relationship of Doppler and biophysical parameters in growth restricted fetuses (IUGR)
Inferior vena cava and ductus venosus Doppler in preterm IUGR fetuses
Can perinatal mortality in IUGR fetuses delivered at less than 28 weeks' gestation be predicted by the product of MCA PSV and DV PI?
Uterine venous flow in normal and complicated pregnancies—a methodological study
Three-dimensional ultrasonographic assessment of placental volumes in pregnancies complicated by absent umbilical diastolic flow—initial results
Quantitative evaluation of placental vasculature in pregnancies with absent umbilical diastolic flow by 3D-power ultrasonography
Fetal renal blood flow velocimetry in patients with idiopathic oligohydramnios
A cross-sectional study of fetal and uterine biometric indices in the first trimester of term pregnancies
The Singapore General Hospital charts of fetal size
French fetal biometry
Intrauterine growth velocity in assisted reproduction and spontaneous pregnancies
Ultrasound-determined fetal subcutaneous tissue thickness (SCTT) for a birthweight prediction model
Intrauterine growth restriction and fetal body composition
Fetal orbital biometry
The outcome of IUGR with oligohydramnios identified at routine morphology ultrasound
A prospective trial of the fetal biophysical vs the modified biophysical in the management of high-risk pregnancies
Doppler assessment of the fetal aortic isthmus blood flow in small for gestational age and growth restricted fetuses
Doppler, NST, and biophysical profile changes in severe IUGR—a longitudinal prospective randomized study
Temporal sequence of hemodynamic changes in severe IUGR fetuses
The size of the ductus venosus in fetal growth restriction
Ductus venosus velocimetry in the prediction of fetal acidemia
Venous-arterial pulsatility index in the prediction of fetal acidemia in pregnancies with placental insufficiency
Transverse cerebral sinus Doppler velocimetry in the prediction of birth acidemia
Is Doppler reversed flow of the ductus venosus an indication for prompt delivery of the extremely IUGR fetus at less than 28 weeks' gestation?
Qualitative venous Doppler waveform and computerized cardiotocogram analysis in relation to intrauterine death
Umbilical artery Doppler velocimetry in growth restricted fetuses at extreme prematurity
Middle cerebral artery Doppler utility in fetal-maternal hemorrhage
Is notching in the umbilical artery Doppler waveform a benign finding? A case report
Case report study
Unusual appearance of placental haematoma in a patient affected with deficit of factor XIII and venous thrombosis
Uterine artery Doppler in pregnancies at high risk for utero-placental insufficiency
Comparison of first and second trimester uterine arterial Doppler to predict pregnancy outcome in a longitudinal cohort
Cerebro- and cardiovascular responses and oxygen consumption during prolonged hypoxia in fetal sheep
Loss of agreement with higher angle correction in Doppler velocimetry. A mathematical demonstration
Middle cerebral artery Doppler for fetal anemia evaluation in isoimmunized pregnancies
Severe congenital cytomegalovirus infection without maternal serology indicative of seroconversion—the need for high index of suspicion
Amniotic fluid sludge observed during ultrasound examination and prediction of preterm delivery
A centile chart for cervical length between 16–32 weeks' gestation
Vaginal bleeding and cervical length of ≤ 25 mm as predictors of preterm delivery. A prospective study
Factors affecting the actual delivery date in term singleton pregnancy
Two-dimensional ultrasound assessment of the cervix in prolonged pregnancy for prediction of time to start of labor and time to delivery
3D ultrasound assessment of the cervix for predicting time to spontaneous onset of labor and time to delivery in prolonged pregnancy
Transvaginal ultrasonographic cervical measurement in predicting failed labor induction and caesarean delivery for failure to progress
Mifepristone is an effective ripening agent in postdates primips with cervical length ≥ 2.5 cm, but mode of delivery correlates with birthweight
Nuchal cord—is it a sonographic dilema?
Ultrasonographic cervical length measurement in the assessment of preterm delivery risk
Position of the fetal head evaluated by transabdominal ultrasound in pregnancies with prelabor rupture of membranes
Doppler assessment of the uteroplacental circulation during Nifedipin therapy for preterm labor
3D power Doppler ultrasound assessment of the cervix for prediction of successful induction of labor with prostaglandins in prolonged pregnancy
Ultrasonographic evaluation of the lower uterine segment and risk of uterine scar separation in women with prior cesarean, a systematic review
Focal atony of the lower uterine segment
Sonography of severe post-caesarean endometritis requiring hysterectomy
Reducing the number of follow up visits for pregnancies of unknown location
Management of ectopic pregnancy
Can we improve the performance of logistic regression analysis for predicting the outcome of pregnancies of unknown location (PULs)?
Fertility outcome after ectopic pregnancy
Paradoxical flare-up effect of methotrexate on the trophoblast in cervical pregnancy
The sonographic findings in tubal ectopic pregnancies with low β-hCG blood levels
The value of transvaginal sonography in surgical evacuation of retained products of conception
Prediction of fetal loss following ultrasound diagnosis of a live fetus at 6–10 weeks of gestation
3D sonography in gestational and placental volume measurements in women with first trimester bleeding
Is it possible to predict successful treatment response to methotrexate earlier than seven days?
Conservative ultrasound-based management of ovarian pregnancy
Transvaginal ultrasound in the management of ectopic pregnancy
4D/3D ultrasound-guided embryo transfer
3D power Doppler perifollicular blood flow indexes and oocyte competence during IVF cycles
Midluteal-phase Doppler assessment of uterine artery flow in nonpregnant women having a history of recurrent spontaneous abortions
3D/4D examinations in cervical cancer
The use of 3D rendering, VCI-C, 3D power Doppler and B-flow in the evaluation of cornual pregnancy with arterio-venous fistula
Long term follow up of ovarian volume after uterine artery embolization
Sonographic evaluation of intratumor vascularity with standard and 3D color Doppler
Importance of fine needle aspiration biopsy of parametria in cervical cancer
Ultrasound guided removal of the elusive Implanon rod
Assessment of changes in volume and vascularity of the ovaries during the normal menstrual cycle using three-dimensional power Doppler ultrasound
Evaluation of patients with stress urinary incontinence by perineal ultrasound
The value of bladder wall thickness measurement in the assessment of overactive bladder syndrome
Is vaginal childbirth to blame for rectocele development?
TVT and Monarc suburethral slings
Usefulness of transvaginal sonography in assessment of patients with stress incontinence
Ophthalmic and central retinal arteries Doppler as a new parameter to distinguish moderate to severe preeclampsia
Ophthalmic and central retinal arteries Doppler in preeclamptic women with visual disturbance and headache
Ocular hyperperfusion in preeclamptic women demonstrated by ophthalmic and central retinal arteries Doppler
Ductus venosus Doppler waveform analysis
The application of logistic regression risk modelling to second trimester uterine artery Doppler screening for pre-eclampsia
Evaluation of the maternal and placental circulation by 3D Doppler at 14–25 weeks of gestation
Intra-observer variability in flow mediated vasodilation (FMVD) in normal pregnancies
USG scan in predicting the size of the newborn in obese mothers
Umbilical, fetal middle cerebral and uterine arteries resistance and pulsatility indices in well controlled insulin dependent gestational diabetes
The effect of glyburide on amniotic fluid index in pregnancies complicated by diabetes
Association of first trimester uterine artery Doppler indices with maternal diastolic cardiac function
Amniocentesis and tests of fetal lung maturity in diabetics
Post cesarean section sonographic fluid collection and febrile morbidity
Resolution of Ballantyne syndrome following the resolution of fetal hydrops secondary to congenital parvovirus infection
The risk factors of emergency cesarean hysterectomy for placenta previa
Use of 3-D transvaginal ultrasound for assessment of C/S scar integrity after spontaneous vaginal delivery
Hepatic multicystic disease and pregnancy
MR evaluation of the fetal corpus callosum in relation to gestational age
Three-dimensional fetal sonography
“Flip the coin”
Three-Dimensional Extended Imaging™
Measurement of fetal urine production by three dimensional (3D) ultrasound in normal pregnancy
Internet based remote interpretation of the 3D-4D datasets
Objective quality measure of compressed fetal ultrasound videoclips
3D inversion mode combined with STIC
200 fetal tele-ultrasound consultations
Tissue characterization of fetal lung using multifractal analysis
Quantitative fetal umbilical venous volume flow between 11 and 14 weeks
Confirmation of first trimester fetal abnormalities at termination of pregnancy
F-18-fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) uptake of fetal organs during acute hypoxia measured by positron emission tomography (PET)
First trimester prenatal diagnosis of fetal RhD status and gender by real-time PCR in maternal serum