From obstetric ultrasound to ultrasonographic obstetrics
Suboptimal Down syndrome screening test interpretation
First-trimester maternal serum level of pregnancy-associated plasma protein-A is an independent predictor of fetal maxillary bone length
A novel approach to first-trimester screening for early pre-eclampsia combining serum PP-13 and Doppler ultrasound
Prenatal prediction of survival in isolated left-sided diaphragmatic hernia
Coronal measurement of the fetal lateral ventricles
Metopic suture in fetuses with Apert syndrome at 22–27 weeks of gestation
Feasibility and reproducibility of an image-scoring method for quality control of fetal biometry in the second trimester
Doppler and biophysical assessment in growth restricted fetuses
Perinatal outcome in monochorionic twin pregnancies complicated by amniotic fluid discordance without severe twin–twin transfusion syndrome
Number of yolk sacs does not predict amnionicity in early first-trimester monochorionic multiple gestations
Routine pre-evacuation ultrasound diagnosis of hydatidiform mole
Transvaginal ultrasound after first-trimester uterine evacuation reduces the incidence of retained products of conception
Ultrasound and color power Doppler in the detection of metastatic omentum
Anatomical and functional significance of urogenital hiatus in primary urodynamic stress incontinence
Fetal magnetic resonance imaging in the prenatal diagnosis of cerebellar hemorrhage
Prenatal diagnosis of thrombosed aneurysm of vein of Galen
Fetoscopic and ultrasound-guided decompression of the fetal trachea in a human fetus with Fraser syndrome and congenital high airway obstruction syndrome (CHAOS) from laryngeal atresia
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Acoustic streaming in two endometriomas
The non-surgical management of ectopic pregnancy
Re: In-utero intervention for hypoplastic left heart syndrome
Re: In-utero intervention for hypoplastic left heart syndrome
Mild tricuspid regurgitation
Assessment of ovarian reserve using the inversion mode
Cardiac screening examination of the fetus
Tribute to Professor Stuart Campbell
Presentation of the Stuart Campbell Award for Education to Sturla Eik-Nes
Presentation of the Ian Donald Gold Medal to Jean-Claude Fouron
Presentation of the Ian Donald Medal for Technical Merit to Samuel Maslak
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