Standardization of on-screen fetal heart orientation prior to storage of spatio-temporal image correlation (STIC) volume datasets
From the fetus at risk to intelligence, educational attainment and psychological distress in the young adult
Cognitive function in young adults following intrauterine growth restriction with abnormal fetal aortic blood flow
Population-based study of antenatal detection of congenital heart disease by ultrasound examination
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Diameter of the normal fetal thymus on ultrasound
Fetal thymus size as a predictor of chorioamnionitis in women with preterm premature rupture of membranes
Changes in echogenicity in the fetal brain
Comparison between magnetic resonance imaging and fetopathology in the evaluation of fetal posterior fossa non-cystic abnormalities
Frontomaxillary facial angle at 11 + 0 to 13 + 6 weeks
Genetic sonography after first-trimester Down syndrome screening
Transvaginal ultrasound measurement of cervical length and efficacy of misoprostol in first-trimester pregnancy failure
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Bilateral avulsion of the puborectal muscle
Standardization of three-dimensional images in obstetrics and gynecology
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