Catch me if you scan
A normal 20-week scan of a euploid fetus with a history of first-trimester increased nuchal translucency
Increased nuchal translucency thickness and normal karyotype
A direct method for ultrasound prediction of day of delivery
A classification system for selective intrauterine growth restriction in monochorionic pregnancies according to umbilical artery Doppler flow in the smaller twin
Percent absent end-diastolic velocity in the umbilical artery waveform as a predictor of intrauterine fetal demise of the donor twin after selective laser photocoagulation of communicating vessels in twin–twin transfusion syndrome
Impact of altered loading conditions on ventricular performance in fetuses with congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation and twin–twin transfusion syndrome
Application of high-intensity focused ultrasound for umbilical artery occlusion in a rabbit model
The fetal portal vein
Reference ranges for fetal ventricular width
Observed to expected lung area to head circumference ratio in the prediction of survival in fetuses with isolated diaphragmatic hernia
Assessment of lung area in fetuses with congenital diaphragmatic hernia
Prenatal three-dimensional ultrasound
Pelvic floor function in elite nulliparous athletes
Posterior pelvic floor disorders
Efficacy of Shirodkar cervical suture in securing hemostasis following surgical evacuation of Cesarean scar ectopic pregnancy
Contribution of prenatal imaging to the anatomical assessment of fetal hydrocolpos
Fetal magnetic resonance imaging in the antenatal diagnosis and management of hydrocolpos
Transvaginal sonographic findings of a large intramural uterine hematoma associated with iatrogenic injury sustained at termination of pregnancy
More or less CHAOS
Accessory scrotum
Prenatal diagnosis of Marfan syndrome