Malignant ovarian neoplasms
From anatomy to function
Screening for trisomy 21 by maternal age, fetal nuchal translucency thickness, free beta-human chorionic gonadotropin and pregnancy-associated plasma protein-A
A systematic analysis of the feasibility of four-dimensional ultrasound imaging using spatiotemporal image correlation in routine fetal echocardiography
Fetal echocardiography at 11 + 0 to 13 + 6 weeks using four-dimensional spatiotemporal image correlation telemedicine via an Internet link
Prenatal ultrasound detection of facial clefts
Increasing accuracy of antenatal ultrasound diagnosis of cleft lip with or without cleft palate, in cases referred to the North Thames London Region
Prenatal assessment of the normal fetal soft palate by three-dimensional ultrasound examination
Reproducibility of fetal renal pelvis volume measurement using three-dimensional ultrasound
The value of umbilical artery Doppler velocimetry in the antenatal surveillance of uncomplicated monochorionic twin pregnancies
Monochorionic twins with selective intrauterine growth restriction and intermittent absent or reversed end-diastolic flow (Type III)
Ballooning of the levator hiatus
Simple ultrasound-based rules for the diagnosis of ovarian cancer
Prenatal diagnosis of posterior mediastinal lymphangioma by two- and three-dimensional ultrasonography
Interventions for twin–twin transfusion syndrome
Prenatal cerebral ultrasound and MRI findings in glutaric aciduria Type 1
Primary retroperitoneal endometrial cystadenocarcinoma presenting as pelvic abscess on ultrasound
Half peak systolic velocity deceleration time
Half peak systolic velocity deceleration time
Three-dimensional ultrasonographic characteristics of endometriomata