H-index and impact factors
How best to improve antenatal detection of congenital heart defects
Effect of parity on maternal cardiac function during the first trimester of pregnancy
How true is a ‘true’ midsagittal section?
Fetal abdominal cysts in the first trimester
Cardiac screening by STIC
Maternal endothelial function and serum concentrations of placental growth factor and soluble endoglin in women with abnormal placentation
Prediction of pre-eclampsia by a combination of maternal history, uterine artery Doppler and mean arterial pressure
Customized birth weight
Intrauterine growth in multiple pregnancies in relation to fetal number, chorionicity and gestational age
Neurodevelopmental outcome in 2-year-old infants who were small-for-gestational age term fetuses with cerebral blood flow redistribution
Cytomegalovirus-related fetal brain lesions
Simple virtual reality display of fetal volume ultrasound
Reliability of three-dimensional sonographic measurements in early pregnancy using virtual reality
Cardiac output following fetoscopic coagulation of major placental vessels in fetal sheep
Percutaneous ultrasound-guided stenting of the atrial septum in fetal sheep
Endometrial thickness predicts intrauterine pregnancy in patients with pregnancy of unknown location
Flow differences between endometrial polyps and cancer
The levator–urethra gap measurement
Prenatal diagnosis of right pulmonary artery to left atrium communication
Prenatal evaluation of a scrotal mass using a high-frequency probe in the diagnosis of inguinoscrotal hernia
Prenatal ultrasonographic diagnosis of polymicrogyria
The use of rapid prototyping didactic models in the study of fetal malformations
Cerebral blood flow in a case of fetal brain death syndrome
The use of transvaginal ultrasonography to diagnose bladder carcinoma in women presenting with postmenopausal bleeding
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