Environmental rather than genetic fetal overgrowth
Fetal nutritional status
Maternal serum placental growth factor at 11–13 weeks in chromosomally abnormal pregnancies
Medians and correction factors for biochemical and ultrasound markers in Chinese women undergoing first-trimester screening for trisomy 21
Jugular lymphatic sacs in first-trimester fetuses with normal nuchal translucency
Three-dimensional ultrasound diagnosis of cleft palate
Examination of the secondary palate on stored 3D ultrasound volumes of the fetal face
Use of ultrasound to distinguish between fetal hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism on discovery of a goiter
Ultrasonographic measurement of thymus size in IUGR fetuses
Fractional limb volume – a soft tissue parameter of fetal body composition
Fetal growth parameters and birth weight
Volumetric (3D) imaging reduces inter- and intraobserver variation of fetal biometry measurements
Sonographic prediction of macrosomia cannot be improved by combination with pregnancy-specific characteristics
Reference range for cervical length throughout pregnancy
Validation of new ultrasound parameters for quantifying pelvic floor muscle contraction
Association between ultrasound findings and extent of trophoblastic invasion into the tubal wall in ampullary pregnancy
Intraobserver and interobserver reliability of automated antral follicle counts made using three-dimensional ultrasound and SonoAVC
Amniotic fluid ‘sludge’ detected in patients with subchorionic hematoma
Rupture of the fetal abdomen in prune belly syndrome
Discrepant findings in a monoamniotic twin pregnancy affected by infantile myofibromatosis
Sonographic imaging of urinoma
Prenatal diagnosis of an aberrant right subclavian artery
Prenatal diagnosis of an aberrant right subclavian artery
Retinal coloboma