Placenta previa
Fetal cerebral ventricular measurement and ventriculomegaly
Relationship of intertwin crown–rump length discrepancy to chorionicity, fetal demise and birth-weight discordance
Quality of nuchal translucency measurements in The Netherlands
Hypertensive disorders in pregnancy
Reference ranges for middle cerebral artery peak systolic velocity in monochorionic diamniotic twins
Prenatal diagnosis of cardiac rhabdomyomas
Prenatal sonographic diagnosis of skeletal dysplasias
Agreement between umbilical vein volume blood flow measurements obtained at the intra-abdominal portion and free loop of the umbilical cord
Pulsations in the umbilical vein during labor are associated with increased risk of operative delivery for fetal distress
Prenatal magnetic resonance imaging
Imaging in gynecological disease (5)
Three-dimensional ultrasound features of the polycystic ovary in Chinese women
Use of ultrasound biomicroscopy to image human ovaries in vitro
Doppler and gray-scale sonographic classification of adnexal torsion
Counseling in isolated mild fetal ventriculomegaly
Dynamic and interactive gynecological ultrasound examination
Perineural (Tarlov) cysts mimicking adnexal masses
Acute infection with parvovirus B19 in early pregnancy
Placental site trophoblastic tumor diagnosed on transvaginal sonography
Descriptive and normative fallacies in presenting detection rates
Descriptive and normative fallacies in presenting detection rates
Whirlpool sign in the diagnosis of adnexal torsion with atypical clinical presentation
Manfred Hansmann