Prima facie
Role of quantitative assessment in fetal echocardiography
Retronasal triangle: a sonographic landmark for the screening of cleft palate in the first trimester
Prevalence and perinatal outcome of dichorionic and monochorionic twins with nuchal translucency above the 99th percentile and normal karyotype
Profiling fetal cardiac function in twin–twin transfusion syndrome
Fetal echocardiography: z -score reference ranges for a large patient population
Prenatal diagnosis and outcome of partial agenesis and hypoplasia of the corpus callosum
Macrosomia: a new formula for optimized fetal weight estimation
Maternal obesity is a potential source of error in mid-trimester ultrasound estimation of gestational age
Transvaginal cervical length measurement for prediction of preterm birth in women with threatened preterm labor: a meta-analysis
Laparoscopy-assisted fetoscopy for laser surgery in twin–twin transfusion syndrome with anterior placentation
Laser therapy of twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome in triplet pregnancies
Cesarean section scar defects: agreement between transvaginal sonographic findings with and without saline contrast enhancement
Use of ultrasound pattern recognition by expert operators to identify borderline ovarian tumors: a study of diagnostic performance and interobserver agreement
Confidence of expert ultrasound operators in making a diagnosis of adnexal tumor: effect on diagnostic accuracy and interobserver agreement
Three-dimensional ultrasound imaging for discrimination between benign and malignant endometrium in women with postmenopausal bleeding and sonographic endometrial thickness of at least 4.5 mm
Terms, definitions and measurements to describe the sonographic features of the endometrium and intrauterine lesions: a consensus opinion from the International Endometrial Tumor Analysis (IETA) group
Prenatal diagnosis of primary pulmonary hypoplasia in fraternal twins
Prenatal diagnosis of isolated total anomalous systemic venous return to the coronary sinus
Unusual cardiac presentation of congenital cytomegalovirus infection
Hotelling's test, multiple t -tests, and uterine artery Doppler evaluation
The ‘starfish’ sign: a novel sonographic finding with B-flow imaging and spatiotemporal image correlation in a fetus with total anomalous pulmonary venous return
19th World Congress on Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology, 13–17 September 2009, Hamburg, Germany: presentations and awards