From nuchal translucency to intracranial translucency
Cord entanglement in monoamniotic twins
Screening for twin–twin transfusion syndrome at 11–14 weeks of pregnancy
Ultrasonographic prediction of homozygous α0-thalassemia using placental thickness, fetal cardiothoracic ratio and middle cerebral artery Doppler
Plasma soluble endoglin concentration in pre-eclampsia is associated with an increased impedance to flow in the maternal and fetal circulations
Iliac crest angle
Mitral valve–tricuspid valve distance as a sonographic marker of trisomy 21
Screening fetal echocardiography in diabetic mothers with normal findings on detailed anatomic survey
Prenatal diagnosis of tricuspid atresia
Dimensions of the fetal facial profile in normal pregnancy
Three-dimensional multiplanar ultrasound is a valuable tool in the study of the fetal profile in the second trimester of pregnancy
Cord entanglement and perinatal outcome in monoamniotic twin pregnancies
Diagnosis and management of vasa previa
Sonographic assessment of fetal spine and head position during the first and second stages of labor for the diagnosis of persistent occiput posterior position
Measurement of fetal head descent using the ‘angle of progression’ on transperineal ultrasound imaging is reliable regardless of fetal head station or ultrasound expertise
Expectant management of spontaneous first-trimester miscarriage
Assessment of cyst content using mean gray value for discriminating endometrioma from other unilocular cysts in premenopausal women
Power Doppler properties of endometrial polyps and submucosal fibroids
The natural history of fibroids
Tricuspid atresia with absent pulmonary valve and intact ventricular septum
Swallowed amniotic band presenting as a cystic mass of the fetal nasal cavity
Walker–Warburg syndrome with persistent hyperplastic primary vitreous detected by prenatal ultrasonography
Assessment of Cesarean section scars with transvaginal sonography
Assessment of Cesarean section scars with transvaginal sonography
Assessment of Cesarean section scars with transvaginal sonography
Acute polyhydramnios in term pregnancy may be caused by multiple nuchal cord loops