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Developmental outcome of isolated fetal microcephaly
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Comparison of inter- and intraobserver agreement and reliability between three different types of placental volume measurement technique (XI VOCAL™, VOCAL™ and multiplanar) and validity in the in-vitro setting
Ultrasonic attenuation estimation of the pregnant cervix: a preliminary report
Ovarian cancer prediction in adnexal masses using ultrasound-based logistic regression models: a temporal and external validation study by the IOTA group
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Elevated levels of aldosterone in the amniotic fluid in two cases of congenital mesoblastic nephroma
Preferential ductus venosus streaming towards the right side of the heart may contribute to poorer outcomes in fetuses with left diaphragmatic hernia and intrathoracic liver herniation (‘liver-up’)
Ultrasonographic diagnosis of incomplete uterine inversion