Excellence, innovation and impact factor of Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology
Diabetes in pregnancy
Frontomaxillary facial angle in fetuses with spina bifida at 11–13 weeks' gestation
Reliability of the first-trimester cardiac scan by ultrasound-trained obstetricians with high-frequency transabdominal probes in fetuses with increased nuchal translucency
Impact of a regional training program in fetal echocardiography for sonographers on the antenatal detection of major congenital heart disease
Nasal-bone length in euploid fetuses at 16–24 weeks' gestation by three-dimensional ultrasound
Isolated single umbilical artery and fetal karyotype
Umbilical cord cysts in the second and third trimesters
Fetal thymus size in uncomplicated twin and singleton pregnancies
Reliability of fetal cardiac volumetry using spatiotemporal image correlation
Phenotype of five cases of prenatally diagnosed campomelic dysplasia harboring novel mutations of the SOX9 gene
Obstetric morbidity associated with amniotic sheets
Growth of fetal lean mass and fetal fat mass in gestational diabetes
Influence of polyhydramnios on perinatal outcome in pregestational diabetic pregnancies
Ductus venosus blood flow velocity waveform in diabetic pregnancies
Ductus venosus velocimetry in monitoring pregnancy in women with pregestational diabetes mellitus
Additive manufacturing models of fetuses built from three-dimensional ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography scan data
Sonographic study of the decidua basalis in early pregnancy loss
Outcome of primary repair of obstetric anal sphincter injuries (OASIS)
Unilateral coronal diameters of the levator hiatus
Transperineal ultrasound to assess the effect of tension-free vaginal tape position on flow rates
Monochorionic monoamniotic twin pregnancies with two yolk sacs may not be a rare finding
Three-dimensional power Doppler angiography of the cardiovascular system of a pseudoacardiac fetus
Transperineal ultrasonography in the diagnosis of Fournier's gangrene
Outsourcing of ultrasound services in obstetrics and gynecology
Analysis and acquisition reproducibility of 3D power Doppler
Analysis and acquisition reproducibility of 3D power Doppler